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Short Answer Questions

1. What aspect of fund raising does Xenophon choose to focus on in the second chapter?

2. Which one of the following is not included in the list of places where the most intense fighting occurs?

3. What years do the events of the book take place?

4. What is a satrap?

5. In Book 2, Chapter 2, how long is the story about a specific plan to raise money in the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the setting of the massacre that Xenophon recounts?

2. What was the reason for the surprise massacre that Xenophon includes in his story?

3. What are the intentions of the author and the publisher in presenting "A History of My Times"?

4. Why is the bibliography located in the front of the book, and what is the editor's advice regarding the notes that follow it?

5. What caused the decisions made by Generals that resulted in the exile of many mid-range officers?

6. What effect did the Athenian civil war have on the relationship between Athens and Sparta?

7. How did wealth affect the ranking of a military officer, and why were the poor delegated to the lightest infantry?

8. What problems in Arcadia end the book, "A History of My Times"?

9. Where were the sailors who were granted pay living, and what kind of lifestyle did they have?

10. What was used to make trophies and when were they usually presented?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Xenophon's early background, including his birth, social class, and the challenges of his military experience. Also, provide examples from the book of his leadership style and reputation, his intentions as an Athenian officer, the criticism he encounters during his service, and the validity of that criticism.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the sad story of Mania, including how she becomes the satrap, her leadership style, the promises she makes to her allies, and the way she interacts with her mercenaries. Also, explain how effective she is as a leader, why her betrayal is planned, and how it is executed.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how and why Xenophon chooses to depict Alcibiades and the battles that involve him in the story. Use the references made in the book to analyze how Xenophon's story adds information to previous events, and the reputation of Alcibiades' mentor, Socrates. Include whether or not you think Xenophon is objective in his description of Alcibiades, considering his admiration for Socrates.

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