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Short Answer Questions

1. Which war is ending at the beginning of the fourth section?

2. Which one of the following does not describe Alcibiades as he is portrayed in the book?

3. Which well-known philosopher was Xenophon a contemporary of?

4. How many politically sanctioned killings were there in the story told in Book 2, Chapter 2?

5. What city did Xenophon represent in the military?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the funds that were raised used for during a war?

2. Why is the bibliography located in the front of the book, and what is the editor's advice regarding the notes that follow it?

3. What hardships did the sailors encounter when they were not at war?

4. How did Mania oversee her military operations?

5. What things does the adviser in Xenophon's story think that a woman should be in order for his friend to marry her?

6. According to the editor, Betty Radice, what is the difference between a memoir and history?

7. What is an oracle?

8. How did Mania become the satrap, and what type of leader was she?

9. In the story told by Xenophon, how and why was the decision made to sack a town?

10. What type of sacrifice does Xenophon describe that is made by the Spartans?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the sad story of Mania, including how she becomes the satrap, her leadership style, the promises she makes to her allies, and the way she interacts with her mercenaries. Also, explain how effective she is as a leader, why her betrayal is planned, and how it is executed.

Essay Topic 2

Two events are chronicled by Xenophon to show the effects that the decisions made by leaders can have.

1) Describe the raid on Attica by Teleutias, why it takes place, the response it receives, and how it relates to Xenophon's main theme of leaders and their decisions.

2) Analyze the events that take place before, during, and after Antalcidas delivers the treaty for peace.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the events surrounding the surprise massacre of a town during a religious festival. Include the reasons for the attack, how religion is valued in ancient Greece, why this story might contradict that value, and what message Xenophon could be attempting to deliver.

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