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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom were the Spartans feuding with in the beginning of the sixth chapter of Book 2?
(a) Pelia.
(b) Athens.
(c) Pylos.
(d) Olympia.

2. What was one main concern about Procles' proposal?
(a) Both the Spartans and the Athenians would have too much control.
(b) Neither the Spartans nor the Athenians would have any control.
(c) The Athenians would have more control than the Spartans.
(d) The Spartans would have more control than the Athenians would.

3. How was a military leader treated after a raid during the story?
(a) He was questioned.
(b) He was commended.
(c) He was removed from command.
(d) He was exiled.

4. Where was the massacre Xenophon writes about committed?
(a) In private.
(b) In a forest.
(c) In a large hall.
(d) In public.

5. How weak did Jason think the King of Persia really was?
(a) Weaker than the opposition thought.
(b) He did not comment on the weakness.
(c) Not as weak as the opposition thought.
(d) Just as weak as the opposition thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an appeal for a military commander that is discussed in Book 2, Chapter 5?

2. How is augury defined?

3. What caused the status of Athens to change?

4. How is a woman's willingness to marry mentioned in the book?

5. What animal did the Spartans sacrifice in the example Xenophon gives?

Short Essay Questions

1. What led Athens and Sparta to contemplate an alliance?

2. What are the styles of the chapters in "A History of My Times", and what stories are told in Book 2, Chapter 5?

3. What happened in the city of Phocis and why did Sparta help?

4. What is augury?

5. How did Jason describe the King of Persia and the Persians?

6. What type of a ruler was Alexander of Pherae in Thessaly?

7. How could the information obtained from an oracle seem confusing?

8. In response to the objections, what was Procles' proposal that clarified the agreement between Athens and Sparta?

9. How was it possible for a leader to put his own self-interest above the team, and was it considered a positive or a negative action?

10. Who was Dercylidas and how is he described?

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