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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How accessible is Xenophon's writing style for current readers?
(a) Somewhat accessible.
(b) Very accessible.
(c) Mostly accessible.
(d) Not accessible at all.

2. Where is the bibliography located in "A History of My Times"?
(a) Before the main text.
(b) After the main text.
(c) Throughout the main text.
(d) On the back cover.

3. How did Mania become the satrap?
(a) She was tricked into it by a political party.
(b) She was voted in.
(c) Her husband died.
(d) She had already ruled another city.

4. Which of the following are distinct from the author in "A History of My Times"?
(a) The translator and the editor.
(b) The writer of the introduction and the editor.
(c) The translator and the writer of the introduction.
(d) The translator, the editor, and the writer of the introduction.

5. What was the incentive for women to serve in the ancient Greek military?
(a) They were eligible to rule a city after participating in battle.
(b) They were granted the rights of citizenship.
(c) They were given the power to make laws.
(d) They were paid before and after the battles they participate in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the purpose of the trophies that were made?

2. According to the editor, who will be delighted by the bibliography in the book?

3. Which Spartan helped Cyrus by providing him with ships?

4. Which one of the following was Cyrus's brother?

5. Whom did Thibron enlist to help him with the actions that eventually caused his exile?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Alcibiades and how is he described?

2. Where were the sailors who were granted pay living, and what kind of lifestyle did they have?

3. What famous philosopher did Xenophon know, and how does that provide insight into certain historical events?

4. How is Xenophon's writing style compared to contemporary writers?

5. What effect did the Athenian civil war have on the relationship between Athens and Sparta?

6. What was the politician's objection to the idea of plundering a town for money?

7. What are the intentions of the author and the publisher in presenting "A History of My Times"?

8. What were the funds that were raised used for during a war?

9. What caused the decisions made by Generals that resulted in the exile of many mid-range officers?

10. What was used to make trophies and when were they usually presented?

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