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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When were trophies made in ancient Greece?
(a) After the battles, when the winning army returned to their city.
(b) Both before and after the battles.
(c) As needed, on the battlefields.
(d) Before the battles.

2. Where did Cyrus battle his brother?
(a) Cunaxa.
(b) Persepolis.
(c) Susa.
(d) Sardes.

3. What is the advice given by the editor to those people that do not appreciate the notes at the end of the Introduction?
(a) Do not read the work itself.
(b) Read them before reading the work itself.
(c) Read the first half of them before reading the work itself.
(d) Pass over them and begin reading the work itself.

4. Which political leadership worked on the efforts to befriend the Spartans?
(a) The Pericles.
(b) The assembly.
(c) The Dorians.
(d) The ephors.

5. What would cause the soldiers to abandon their original plot for raising money in the story told in the book?
(a) A decline in their situation.
(b) A letter from Xenophon.
(c) A letter from Alcibiades.
(d) An improvement of their situation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following works is referenced in the first chapter?

2. What was the incentive for women to serve in the ancient Greek military?

3. What event did Mania join her mercenaries for?

4. What happened to the reeds in the story?

5. How many politically sanctioned killings were there in the story told in Book 2, Chapter 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the main point of Cinadon's story?

2. How did Mania become the satrap, and what type of leader was she?

3. What was used to make trophies and when were they usually presented?

4. How is Xenophon's writing style compared to contemporary writers?

5. What effect did the Athenian civil war have on the relationship between Athens and Sparta?

6. What was the politician's objection to the idea of plundering a town for money?

7. What are the intentions of the author and the publisher in presenting "A History of My Times"?

8. According to the editor, Betty Radice, what is the difference between a memoir and history?

9. Why is the bibliography located in the front of the book, and what is the editor's advice regarding the notes that follow it?

10. Where were the sailors who were granted pay living, and what kind of lifestyle did they have?

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