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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the strength of Sparta as it prepared to enter into an alliance with Athenians?
(a) Political action.
(b) The battles on land.
(c) The battles at sea.
(d) Creating laws.

2. As noted by the editor, which city's re-establishment is not mentioned by the author?
(a) Epidaurus.
(b) Messene.
(c) Argos.
(d) Megara.

3. Which goddess did the Spartans make an animal sacrifice for?
(a) Hera.
(b) Artemis.
(c) Aphrodite.
(d) Athena.

4. How long after an agreement was reached, did the Spartans and the Athenians attack the Thebans?
(a) Immediately.
(b) One year.
(c) One month.
(d) Two months.

5. In Chapter 5, how much of the text is dedicated to the military alliances and balancing of power within them?
(a) Half of the text.
(b) Most of the text.
(c) None of the text.
(d) Only a small portion of the text.

6. What name was given to the treaty for peace between the Greek cities?
(a) The Peace of the King.
(b) The King's Peace.
(c) The King's Peaceful Treaty.
(d) The King's Treaty for Peace.

7. What type of a massacre was committed?
(a) A quick attack.
(b) An expected attack.
(c) A surprise attack.
(d) A drawn out attack.

8. Where were the first Athenian-Spartan forces sent?
(a) Corinth.
(b) Pylos.
(c) Tegea.
(d) Ithaca.

9. Besides augury, which one of the following was another feature of Ancient Greek religion?
(a) Oracles.
(b) Hymns.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Poetry.

10. Which subdivision of Greece was raided as a result of a leader's invitation?
(a) Attica.
(b) Crete.
(c) Epirus.
(d) Thessaly.

11. In the adviser's opinion, what social class should the woman be?
(a) Above the class of the man she marries.
(b) Her class is irrelevant.
(c) Below the class of the man she marries.
(d) Similar to the class of the man she marries.

12. How is Dercylidas described in an earlier section?
(a) Tolerant.
(b) Shrewd.
(c) Confused.
(d) Ignorant.

13. How did Polydamas reward his men with honor and prestige?
(a) Neither in the military nor upon burial.
(b) In the military and upon burial.
(c) Only upon burial.
(d) Only in the military.

14. What did the people of Phocis claim they would do if Sparta did not help them?
(a) Give in to their enemy's demands.
(b) Move from the city.
(c) Attack their enemy alone.
(d) Join forces with Sparta's enemy.

15. What did Polydamas do with men who were lacking the preferred military skills?
(a) He put them in the front lines.
(b) He eliminated them.
(c) He put them in the back lines.
(d) He trained them again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal did the Spartans sacrifice in the example Xenophon gives?

2. What did Procles acknowledge in his speech?

3. What is listed at the top of the pages in the beginning of the chapters?

4. Based on Xenophon's explanation, what happened after the raid?

5. Whom were the Spartans feuding with in the beginning of the sixth chapter of Book 2?

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