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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many days should the command be rotated between Athens and Sparta, according to Procles?
(a) Five.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

2. What were the Arcadians encouraged to do?
(a) Have mercy.
(b) Have more laws.
(c) Have pride.
(d) Have fewer laws.

3. What reportedly followed a speech given by the commander, Archidamus, to his troops?
(a) Rainfall and strong winds.
(b) Rainfall.
(c) Thunder and lightning.
(d) Thunder, lightning, and rainfall.

4. What type of a massacre was committed?
(a) A surprise attack.
(b) An expected attack.
(c) A quick attack.
(d) A drawn out attack.

5. Where did the Spartans place a trophy?
(a) At the side of their first defeat.
(b) On a mountain.
(c) At the site of their first victory.
(d) On the grave of a fallen soldier.

6. Based on Xenophon's explanation, what happened after the raid?
(a) A civil war began.
(b) Counter measures were prepared.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Two cities surrendered.

7. What was one main concern about Procles' proposal?
(a) Both the Spartans and the Athenians would have too much control.
(b) The Athenians would have more control than the Spartans.
(c) Neither the Spartans nor the Athenians would have any control.
(d) The Spartans would have more control than the Athenians would.

8. What is the description given to Dercylidas in this current section of the book?
(a) Blameless.
(b) Clueless.
(c) Guilty.
(d) Calculating.

9. How was a military leader treated after a raid during the story?
(a) He was commended.
(b) He was questioned.
(c) He was removed from command.
(d) He was exiled.

10. What was an animal sacrifice known as in some ancient cultures?
(a) A victory celebration.
(b) A religious observation.
(c) A feast.
(d) A way to mourn.

11. How is augury defined?
(a) Reading omens.
(b) Predicting the weather.
(c) Predicting a natural disaster.
(d) Reading the stars.

12. How is a woman's willingness to marry mentioned in the book?
(a) There is no mention of it.
(b) It is only mentioned as a definition for another term.
(c) There is some mention of it.
(d) There are many pages dedicated to it.

13. Which one of the following was included in Polydams's speech about what he valued in a soldier?
(a) Durability under hardships.
(b) Loyalty.
(c) Experience.
(d) Intelligence under pressure.

14. Where did the raid take place, according to the second story of the fifth chapter of Book 2?
(a) Laurium.
(b) Alimus.
(c) Megara.
(d) Piraeus.

15. What did the people of Phocis claim they would do if Sparta did not help them?
(a) Move from the city.
(b) Give in to their enemy's demands.
(c) Attack their enemy alone.
(d) Join forces with Sparta's enemy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Spartans do with Polydamas after they handled his request?

2. Which years did the events in Book 2, Chapter 5 take place?

3. As noted by the editor, which city's re-establishment is not mentioned by the author?

4. Where was the peace conference held at the end of the book?

5. How did Sparta respond to the request for help from Phocis?

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