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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What audience is the book, "A History of My Times", trying to reach?
(a) The book was only written as a personal memoir.
(b) A non-academic audience.
(c) Every audience.
(d) An academic audience.

2. What factor was heavily considered when choosing the ranks of military officers in ancient times?
(a) Political affiliations.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Age.
(d) Marital status.

3. What type of allies did Mania have?
(a) Only military allies.
(b) Only political allies.
(c) Neither military nor political allies.
(d) Both military and political allies.

4. What is found in the back of the book to help people understand military maneuvers better?
(a) Definitions.
(b) Diagrams.
(c) Maps.
(d) Quotes.

5. What is the largest number of ships discussed in the battles of the first chapter?
(a) Seventy.
(b) Eighty.
(c) Ninety.
(d) One hundred.

6. What is the major issue of the second chapter?
(a) Weather.
(b) Weapons.
(c) Trophies.
(d) Funding.

7. What did the sailors do when they were not at war?
(a) They found work with another military.
(b) It is not known.
(c) They took a vacation.
(d) They found work in the area.

8. What held the men that Xenophon led in the military together?
(a) The loyalty they had for him and the city.
(b) The loyalty that they had for each other.
(c) The loyalty they had for him and each other.
(d) The loyalty they had for the city.

9. Where did Cyrus battle his brother?
(a) Persepolis.
(b) Susa.
(c) Cunaxa.
(d) Sardes.

10. Which of the following are distinct from the author in "A History of My Times"?
(a) The translator, the editor, and the writer of the introduction.
(b) The writer of the introduction and the editor.
(c) The translator and the editor.
(d) The translator and the writer of the introduction.

11. Which political leadership worked on the efforts to befriend the Spartans?
(a) The assembly.
(b) The Dorians.
(c) The ephors.
(d) The Pericles.

12. How were the ships made available to Cyrus by a Spartan?
(a) Over a two month period.
(b) Over a two week period.
(c) Suddenly.
(d) One at a time.

13. Mania shares her name with a Greek mythological personification. What has been named after this personification?
(a) Symptoms of mental illness.
(b) Characteristics of good fortune.
(c) A fish.
(d) A war ship.

14. Who was Cinadon meeting when he is arrested?
(a) An enemy informant.
(b) An assistant.
(c) A military leader.
(d) A politician.

15. What was the incentive for women to serve in the ancient Greek military?
(a) They were eligible to rule a city after participating in battle.
(b) They were given the power to make laws.
(c) They were granted the rights of citizenship.
(d) They were paid before and after the battles they participate in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the local politician observe in the story told in Chapter 2?

2. What were some of the complaints about the men that Xenophon led in the military?

3. Where is the bibliography located in "A History of My Times"?

4. What did Alcibiades enjoy?

5. In what division of the military did Xenophon serve?

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