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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the advice given by the editor to those people that do not appreciate the notes at the end of the Introduction?
(a) Pass over them and begin reading the work itself.
(b) Do not read the work itself.
(c) Read the first half of them before reading the work itself.
(d) Read them before reading the work itself.

2. How were the ships made available to Cyrus by a Spartan?
(a) Over a two week period.
(b) Suddenly.
(c) Over a two month period.
(d) One at a time.

3. Where is the bibliography located in "A History of My Times"?
(a) Throughout the main text.
(b) On the back cover.
(c) Before the main text.
(d) After the main text.

4. What happened to the reeds in the story?
(a) They multiplied.
(b) They were given to the soldiers.
(c) They disappeared.
(d) They were cut in half.

5. What part of the military commanders motivated Xenophon to write the book?
(a) Neither their virtues nor their vices.
(b) Their virtues and vices.
(c) Their virtues.
(d) Their vices.

6. Why did Xenophon lead his men to serve in multiple-city states in the military?
(a) To get money.
(b) To get money and supplies.
(c) None of the answers is correct.
(d) To get supplies.

7. How many politically sanctioned killings were there in the story told in Book 2, Chapter 2?
(a) None.
(b) At least one.
(c) More than fifteen.
(d) More than ten.

8. How many military leaders are discussed in the first chapter?
(a) A few.
(b) Only one.
(c) None.
(d) Several.

9. Where did Cyrus battle his brother?
(a) Cunaxa.
(b) Sardes.
(c) Persepolis.
(d) Susa.

10. What is significant about Alcibiades?
(a) He is the last name mentioned in Chapter 1.
(b) He is the only name in the book that people educated in philosophy would not recognize.
(c) He is the only name in the book that people educated in philosophy would recognize.
(d) He is the first name mentioned in Chapter 1.

11. What event did Mania join her mercenaries for?
(a) Giving out trophies after a victory.
(b) Appointing a new commander.
(c) Battering down an enemy's walls.
(d) Planning strategies for the next attack.

12. How is the bottom of the ranks characterized in the book?
(a) Heavy cavalry.
(b) Light infantry.
(c) Light cavalry.
(d) Heavy infantry.

13. How did the politician first approach the reeds dilemma in the story?
(a) He only confronted the military leaders.
(b) He avoided confronting anyone.
(c) He confronted both the soldiers and military leaders.
(d) He only confronted the soldiers.

14. How did Mania become the satrap?
(a) She had already ruled another city.
(b) Her husband died.
(c) She was tricked into it by a political party.
(d) She was voted in.

15. What was the purpose of the trophies that were made?
(a) To observe certain victories and provide an incentive for armies.
(b) To provide an incentive for armies.
(c) To observe certain victories.
(d) Neither to observe certain victories nor to provide an incentive for armies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which war is ending at the beginning of the fourth section?

2. Where did the politician give a speech in the story about the reeds?

3. In what division of the military did Xenophon serve?

4. What aspect of fund raising does Xenophon choose to focus on in the second chapter?

5. What did being born into Knight class mean for Xenophon?

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