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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, A History of My Times : Chapter 7, Book 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Procles acknowledge in his speech?
(a) Sparta was unable to defeat Athens.
(b) Athens has never feared Sparta.
(c) Sparta has never feared Athens.
(d) Athens was unable to defeat Sparta.

2. According to one man's advice, what should another man first consider when choosing a wife?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Personality.
(d) Appearance.

3. What did Polydamas do with men who were lacking the preferred military skills?
(a) He eliminated them.
(b) He trained them again.
(c) He put them in the front lines.
(d) He put them in the back lines.

4. How weak did Jason think the King of Persia really was?
(a) He did not comment on the weakness.
(b) Just as weak as the opposition thought.
(c) Weaker than the opposition thought.
(d) Not as weak as the opposition thought.

5. How was Thibron's exile first considered?
(a) Overdue.
(b) Logical.
(c) Shocking.
(d) Expected.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which season was hard for the sailors?

2. What was the reason for Thibron's exile?

3. How did Polydamas reward his men with honor and prestige?

4. What did being born into Knight class mean for Xenophon?

5. Which one of the following was Cyrus's brother?

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