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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, A History of My Times : Chapter 4, Book 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the largest number of ships discussed in the battles of the first chapter?
(a) Ninety.
(b) Seventy.
(c) One hundred.
(d) Eighty.

2. How did the politician first approach the reeds dilemma in the story?
(a) He confronted both the soldiers and military leaders.
(b) He only confronted the soldiers.
(c) He avoided confronting anyone.
(d) He only confronted the military leaders.

3. What did the sailors do when they were not at war?
(a) It is not known.
(b) They took a vacation.
(c) They found work in the area.
(d) They found work with another military.

4. Which other historian's works did Xenophon have published?
(a) Thucydides.
(b) Ephorus.
(c) Dinon.
(d) Theopompus.

5. How was Xenophon regarded as a military leader?
(a) He was not the best leader, but was able to lead effectively.
(b) He was the worst leader in the military.
(c) He was the best leader in the military.
(d) He was not the best leader, and was unable to lead effectively.

Short Answer Questions

1. How accessible is Xenophon's writing style for current readers?

2. Who was Dercylidas?

3. What did Alcibiades enjoy?

4. How much did the men get from the politician at the end of the story in Chapter 2?

5. What word best describes the description of the ancient forms of military ranking in the book?

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