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Lesson 1 (from Book 1, Introductions : Chapter 1, Notes to this Greek Classic)


Book 1, Introductions: Chapter 1, Notes to this Greek Classic

"A History of My Times" is presented as a memoir of Xenophon, who led a very interesting life in many ways. This lesson is about the intentions of the author and the publisher in the content, style, and format of the book.


1) Class Discussion: What is the general purpose of an introduction in a book that discusses historical events? Does the class think that "A History of My Times" fulfills that purpose? Why? How does this introduction establish the foundation for the story that follows?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes and write down 3 things that are included in the formatting of "A History of My Times" in order to make it more accessible to academic readers. Afterward, talk about the answers and the book's features.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: Why might "A History of...

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