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Book 1, Introductions : Chapter 1, Notes to this Greek Classic

• The Introduction of "A History of My Times" establishes the nature and intent of the work, specifically how it is intended for academic reading.
• Xenophon is born into the Knight class, leading him to become an Athenian cavalry officer.
• Xenophon's leadership draws loyalty from his men, but criticism from the city of Athens.
• Due to the attempts made by Xenophon to work with other cities, his loyalty is questioned.

Book 2, A History of My Times : Chapter 1, Book 1

• Alcibiades is described as a young, cheerful aristocrat and Athenian officer.
• Xenophon's discussion of Alcibiades offers insight on possibilities about Socrates, his trial, and execution.
• Decisions made by military leaders are shown to have effects on the lower ranked officers in one example.
• An explanation of the military ranks as well as women in the military ends the section.

Book 2, A History of My Times : Chapter 2, Book 2

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