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Short Answer Questions

1. Against what were the author's records written?

2. What kinds of mortal questions does the author think that God cannot answer?

3. What purpose do images of H. serve for the author?

4. About what is the author's remaining problem in Chapter Four?

5. How many hours of healthy sleep did the author finally get in Chapter Three?

Short Essay Questions

1. In addition to a sword, what other metaphor does Lewis use to describe H. to establish a balanced view?

2. What are Lewis's reflections about images in the fourth chapter?

3. In Chapter Three, what does Lewis come to see about his love for H. and his faith in God?

4. What is the difference between how Lewis felt at the beginning of the book and how he feels at the end of his reflections?

5. What does Lewis mean when he writes about a house of cards?

6. In what way does Lewis's previous acceptance of death and mourning alter with H.'s death?

7. At nearly the end of the book, what kind of answer does Lewis receive from God? Briefly, explain what the answer means.

8. At the beginning of Chapter Three, when does Lewis acknowledge that he does not think about H.? What is life like when Lewis is not thinking about H.?

9. What human conditions does Lewis admit that he can never fully examine?

10. For Lewis, why is a good God as formidable as God, the Cosmic Sadist? Describe the differences between the two ideas.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Images play important roles and relate to central ideas in Lewis's reflections. What is important about images for Lewis? In the last chapter, Lewis writes about images and reality. How does Lewis regard images? What is Lewis's example of a reality that has powerful images (icons) associated with it? What does Lewis determine is the nature of reality as it relates to images? What does all that mean for the one who grieves and wants his beloved back?

Essay Topic 2

Lewis comes to a point in which he reflects on H.'s anguish as she was dying and the possibility that, with her death, H.'s anguish is over. Write in detail about what Lewis thinks may be H.'s condition now that she is dead. How is the very reflection of a condition different from Lewis's earlier worries about H.? What does this alteration in perception mean for the process of Lewis's grief? What does H.'s possible current condition mean about Lewis's ideas about God? Whom, of Lewis's characterizations about God, might God actually be? Explain what Lewis thinks God might be doing with H. and what that means God does with everyone.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis begins his reflections in the midst of great pain. His wife, H., has died. Describe three examples of Lewis's pain, as he describes it throughout the book.

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