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Short Answer Questions

1. What quality did the author admire so much about H.?

2. Who tries to comfort Lewis with a biblical story about Jesus?

3. Of what emotion does grief remind the author?

4. In what discipline was the author educated?

5. What is the only thing, according to the author, that tests the reality of a belief?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it about cancer that prompts some of Lewis' reflections?

2. Why can Lewis not talk to his children about their mother?

3. In Chapter One, Lewis reflects upon marriage, religion and God. What is one thing that Lewis admits that marriage has done for him?

4. Describe some people whom Lewis thinks are having negative reactions to Lewis and his grief?

5. What impresses Lewis about his realization of the man he had not seen for 10 years and Lewis's actual memories of the man?

6. Does Lewis have trouble believing that God exists? Explain.

7. H.'s absence is most evident to Lewis in his body. How does Lewis experience his own body in his grief?

8. What does Lewis realize is the problem with deciding to think less about himself and more about H.?

9. What was the most precious gift that marriage to H. had given Lewis? What is Lewis afraid will happen to that gift?

10. Why does Lewis think that grief is like fear? Describe the ways in which Lewis experiences fear.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lewis must deal with his children as they all struggle through their loss. As Lewis tries to open up to his sons, he is confronted with their great disturbance.

1) How does Lewis attempt to communicate with his children? What topics of conversation does he introduce?

2) How do the children respond to Lewis's advances to build a bridge that connects them? Specify how Lewis interprets the children's responses. Give at least three examples of Lewis's impressions.

3) With what experience does Lewis relate his sons' emotions about their mother's death?

Essay Topic 2

Select three reflections that either resonated with your beliefs or that you had trouble comprehending or believing. Reflect on each one. Be precise when you refer to the selected reflections. Explain what captured your attention about each reflection. Discuss how each reflection might affect you. Also describe how or how not, the book as a whole might have meaning in your life.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis offers a passage in Chapter Four that is full of similes. Describe the passage, referring to the similes. What does the moment Lewis describes mean? How does it reveal Lewis's progression through deep pain and sorrow? What is noticeably different from Lewis's reflections earlier in the book, especially the first two chapters?

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