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Short Answer Questions

1. When the author rereads his reflections, how does he react?

2. Of what disease did H. die?

3. What kind of character did the author's wife have?

4. The day after the author's rant in Chapter Two, what does he ask himself about God?

5. What was the difference between the author's and H.'s sufferings?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do consoling people tell Lewis about where H. is after her death? How does Lewis interpret these attempts to console him?

2. How did Lewis feel years ago about a friend's life after death? Contrast that experience with the way that Lewis experiences H. after her death?

3. H.'s absence is most evident to Lewis in his body. How does Lewis experience his own body in his grief?

4. Why can Lewis not talk to his children about their mother?

5. Lewis turns to C. with questions about God. How does C. respond to Lewis's thoughts?

6. In what ways does Lewis reflect a mother who has lost her child can and cannot find comfort? For what does a mother mourn in that situation?

7. What does Lewis mean by the term "live" as it relates to H.'s memory?

8. Does Lewis believe in the idea of families reuniting on the other side? Upon what does Lewis base his conclusion?

9. Why is Lewis "appalled" when he read what he has written in the first chapter?

10. Lewis decided to record his reflections to get all his feelings and thoughts out. What does Lewis reflect might be a downside to his journal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the different ways that Lewis considers God. Specify each of Lewis's characterizations of God and what each means to Lewis. With which, if any, of Lewis's characterizations about God does Lewis end the book?

Essay Topic 2

Lewis begins his reflections in the midst of great pain. His wife, H., has died. Describe three examples of Lewis's pain, as he describes it throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis must deal with his children as they all struggle through their loss. As Lewis tries to open up to his sons, he is confronted with their great disturbance.

1) How does Lewis attempt to communicate with his children? What topics of conversation does he introduce?

2) How do the children respond to Lewis's advances to build a bridge that connects them? Specify how Lewis interprets the children's responses. Give at least three examples of Lewis's impressions.

3) With what experience does Lewis relate his sons' emotions about their mother's death?

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