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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect did the author's experience of H. have on him?
(a) It left him wanting H. even more.
(b) It was like a spring cleaning of the mind.
(c) It assured him that she continued.
(d) It restored his faith in God.

2. What kinds of mortal questions does the author think that God cannot answer?
(a) Questions about life and death.
(b) Questions about Christ.
(c) Nonsense questions.
(d) Questions about love.

3. At the beginning of Chapter Four, what impossible result does the author admit he thought his records could achieve?
(a) End the author's grief.
(b) Make a map of sorrow.
(c) Bring happiness to his children.
(d) Bring H. back.

4. What does the author think it means if human suffering is unnecessary?
(a) That humans bring on their own suffering.
(b) That Satan causes suffering.
(c) Either there is no God or He is bad.
(d) That human suffering is an illusion.

5. What does the author think might be true about his unconscious?
(a) That only God understands it.
(b) That it is an unfathomable mystery.
(c) That it is less primitive than his consciousness.
(d) That it is more primitive than the author's consciousness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will happen every time the author builds a new house of cards?

2. When does the author claim he is at his worst?

3. What characterizes any changes that the author has experienced?

4. What one thing has sufficient force to rattle one's faith, according to the author in Chapter Three?

5. Why does the author walk all he can?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lewis want when it comes to reality vs. ideas about reality?

2. What hopeful similes does Lewis use to describe a moment he experiences one night?

3. What is an imperfect religious image with which Lewis is familiar? What is Lewis's reflection on this image?

4. What choices does Lewis think that people have when it comes to their ideas about God?

5. How does the consolation that previously so wearied Lewis, "She is in God's hands", strike Lewis by the last chapter?

6. At nearly the end of the book, what kind of answer does Lewis receive from God? Briefly, explain what the answer means.

7. What is the difference between how Lewis earlier understood biblical consolations and how he came to understand them?

8. Why does Lewis think that H.'s physical anguish might not have ended when she died? What images does Lewis use when reflecting on what happens to H. after she died?

9. Toward what does Lewis turn when he becomes overwhelmed by feelings?

10. What does Lewis write that his notes ultimately have been about?

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