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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose suffering troubles the author the most?
(a) His children's.
(b) His own.
(c) His parents'.
(d) H.'s

2. For whom has the author had no difficulty praying?
(a) His wife.
(b) Those who have died other than his wife.
(c) His children.
(d) Strangers.

3. To what does the author compare falling in love with H.'s memory?
(a) Adultery.
(b) Insanity.
(c) The next best thing to having H. with him.
(d) Incest.

4. What happens when the author tries to remember H.'s face?
(a) Her face is not clear.
(b) He cannot recall what she looked like.
(c) His memory is crystal clear.
(d) He sees her as if she is still alive.

5. Whom does Lewis' sons remind him of?
(a) Himself as a child.
(b) God.
(c) Their mother.
(d) Lewis' mother.

6. What is the only thing, according to the author, that tests the reality of a belief?
(a) A real risk.
(b) Prayer.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Love.

7. Who tries to comfort Lewis with a biblical story about Jesus?
(a) A friend.
(b) Lewis' son.
(c) A minister.
(d) God.

8. What does Lewis think people who grieve should do?
(a) Talk freely about their pain.
(b) Remove themselves from society.
(c) Talk to their pastors.
(d) Grit their teeth and get on with life.

9. At the end of Chapter Two, what does the author think about his reflections?
(a) That the author is close to understanding why his wife died.
(b) That God will answer all of the author's questions.
(c) They are senseless.
(d) That he is growing closer to God.

10. At the very end of the second chapter, to what or whom does the author compare himself?
(a) The Prodigal Son.
(b) A ship missing an engine.
(c) A missing link.
(d) Job.

11. Who is H.?
(a) A friend from the author's past.
(b) The author's wife.
(c) A faculty member.
(d) The author's brother.

12. According to the author, what never repeats itself?
(a) Friends.
(b) History.
(c) God.
(d) Nature.

13. If death is real, what does the author conclude about it?
(a) That its existence is irrelevant.
(b) That God does not care if people die.
(c) That it matters more than anything.
(d) That the author has no reason to keep living.

14. According to the author, what would happen if two lovers died at the exact some moment?
(a) They would not recognize each other.
(b) It would be as if they never died.
(c) They would go to Heaven together.
(d) They would still die alone.

15. Who reacts in shame when the author talks about his wife?
(a) The author's minister.
(b) The author's colleagues.
(c) Their sons.
(d) The author's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What feeling is the author surprised to discover that grief resembles?

2. According to the author, if he searched the universe for H., what would happen?

3. What kind of character did the author's wife have?

4. How does the author picture the "eternal somethings" that he and H. would be after this life?

5. To what ultimate fate does the author resign himself?

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