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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In Chapter One, C.S. Lewis describes a host of physical symptoms that are assaulting him. As he reflects on these symptoms, Lewis provides insight into an aspect of grief that is not always discussed. The objective of this lesson is to examine the physical symptoms of grief and to widen understanding of what people who grieve experience.


1) Small groups: Divide into small groups and assign a section of the chapter that describes Lewis's physical issues to each group. There can be duplicates. Each group will write a short script that dramatizes a physical sensation that Lewis discusses. Each group will then select an "actor" to bring the script alive.

2) Individual: Have each student write a paragraph that describes Lewis's reflections on his physical difficulties. Reflect on why a grieving person might have so many types of physical symptoms. Knowing now, that grief can...

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