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Essay Topic 1

Lewis begins his reflections in the midst of great pain. His wife, H., has died. Describe three examples of Lewis's pain, as he describes it throughout the book.

Essay Topic 2

Lewis must deal with his children as they all struggle through their loss. As Lewis tries to open up to his sons, he is confronted with their great disturbance.

1) How does Lewis attempt to communicate with his children? What topics of conversation does he introduce?

2) How do the children respond to Lewis's advances to build a bridge that connects them? Specify how Lewis interprets the children's responses. Give at least three examples of Lewis's impressions.

3) With what experience does Lewis relate his sons' emotions about their mother's death?

Essay Topic 3

Lewis reflects that people other than his children are having trouble coping with Lewis's grief. He describes various instances and impressions that leave him with distinct...

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