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Elizabeth George
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following statements does not describe Richard Gibson?
(a) Bull-necked with the thick limbs of a labourer.
(b) Missing two front teeth.
(c) Black hair, brown eyes, and swarthy skin.
(d) Six and a half feet tall.

2. What does Deborah Allcourt-St. James do for a living?
(a) She's a photographer.
(b) She's an accountant.
(c) She's a pianist.
(d) She's a teacher.

3. Why has Inspector Lynley chosen to work at Scotland Yard rather than on his wealthy family's estate?
(a) He wants to be useful and make a contribution.
(b) He was no good at farming.
(c) His family has disowned him and he needs a job.
(d) His parents were murdered, so he pursues criminals.

4. To whom is William Teys engaged at the time of his death?
(a) Mrs. Burton-Thomas.
(b) Olivia Odell.
(c) Stepha Odell.
(d) Lady Helen Clyde.

5. Why is the person arrested for the murder over the garnet necklace freed from jail?
(a) He bribes his jailer.
(b) A videotape proving the person's innocence is found.
(c) Someone else confesses to the crime.
(d) His wife romances a wealthy man with political influence.

6. Who confesses to William Teys' murder?
(a) Teys' youngest daughter, Roberta Teys.
(b) Teys' wife Tessa.
(c) Teys' nephew, Richard Gibson.
(d) Teys' oldest daughter, Gillian.

7. Who is Dougal?
(a) Stepha Odell's gardener.
(b) Bridie Odell's pet cat.
(c) Bridie Odell's pet duck.
(d) The local constable.

8. What food does Lady Helen Clyde offer Sergeant Barbara Havers in Chapter 2?
(a) Salmon croquettes.
(b) Lobster bisque.
(c) Roast venison.
(d) Crab salad.

9. Why does Sergeant Barbara Havers think she has been chosen to work with Lynley on the investigation of the murder of William Teys?
(a) She's too unattractive to tempt him.
(b) She's being given a promotion.
(c) She has experience as a forensics investigator.
(d) She's from the village where the murder occurred.

10. To what city is Father Hart traveling by train in the novel's opening scene?
(a) Edinburgh.
(b) London.
(c) Liverpool.
(d) Dublin.

11. When Inspector Lynley's brother-in-law was murdered five years ago, who did Chief Inspector Nies arrest for the crime?
(a) Inspector Lynley.
(b) Tessa Mowery.
(c) William Teys.
(d) Ezra Farmington.

12. Where do Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers encounter Denton in Chapter 5?
(a) At St. Catherine's Church.
(b) A train station cafeteria.
(c) At Scotland Yard.
(d) At a London pub.

13. How old is Father Hart?
(a) Seventy-five.
(b) Sixty.
(c) Fifty.
(d) Thirty-one.

14. What is the name of the Teys family farm?
(a) Teys Manor.
(b) Rose Cottage.
(c) Starring Hill Farm.
(d) Gembler Farm.

15. What relative of William Teys thought by Lynley and Havers to be dead is still alive according to Olivia Odell?
(a) His father Gregory.
(b) His sister Sheila.
(c) His wife Tessa.
(d) His son Anton.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Stepha Odell's relationship to Olivia Odell, William Teys' fiancée?

2. To what organization is Father Hart traveling?

3. In what part of England has William Teys been murdered?

4. On what day of the week is William Teys murdered?

5. What is the relationship between Lady Helen Clyde and Inspector Lynley?

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