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Elizabeth George
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a statement Father Hart uses to describe himself in the opening scene when imagining how the woman seated next to him perceives him?
(a) A handsome older man.
(b) Wearing an old suit mended at the elbows and cuffs.
(c) A toast crumb on his mouth.
(d) Three cuts on his face from shaving.

2. Who is Caroline?
(a) Lady Helen Clyde's maid and Denton's girlfriend.
(b) Olivia Odell's best friend.
(c) Inspector Lynley's secretary.
(d) Sopha Odell's maid.

3. What color hair does Stepha Odell have?
(a) Black.
(b) Red.
(c) Brown.
(d) Blonde.

4. How is William Teys murdered?
(a) He's decapitated with an ax.
(b) He is strangled with a belt.
(c) He is beaten with a golf club.
(d) He's shot with a rifle.

5. What do the letters CID stand for in the novel "A Great Deliverance"?
(a) Criminal Isolation Department.
(b) Chief Inspector Detective.
(c) Central Intelligence Department.
(d) Criminal Investigation Division.

6. What rumors has Sergeant Barbara Havers heard about Inspector Lynley at Scotland Yard?
(a) That he's a womanizer.
(b) That he's a genius.
(c) That he's an alcoholic.
(d) That he's inept.

7. What is Gillian's relationship to Roberta Teys?
(a) She's Roberta's teacher.
(b) She's Roberta's friend.
(c) She's Roberta's older sister.
(d) She's Roberta's classmate.

8. Why is Chief Inspector Nies angry with his superior officer, Chief Constable Kerridge?
(a) Kerridge makes him free an accused murderer.
(b) Kerridge denies him a promotion.
(c) Kerridge owes him money from a poker game.
(d) Kerridge steals his girlfriend.

9. What do Danny and Ezra Farmington find at Keldale Abbey three years prior to William Teys' murder?
(a) A stolen emerald necklace.
(b) An abandoned baby.
(c) A suitcase filled with counterfeit money.
(d) A murdered priest.

10. Why are Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers surprised to find a well-stocked library at the Teys farm?
(a) Father Hart and William Teys burn non-bibical books.
(b) William Teys allows no books but the Bible for his family.
(c) The Teys family is illiterate.
(d) Stepha Odell says Roberta had no books to read at home.

11. When Bridie Odell cuts her hair, whose hairstyle is she trying to copy?
(a) Her mother's.
(b) Diana, Princess of Wales.
(c) Roberta's.
(d) Stepha's.

12. What is the relationship between Lady Helen Clyde and Inspector Lynley?
(a) They are adopting a child together.
(b) They are having a romance.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) They are coworkers.

13. To what organization is Father Hart traveling?
(a) New Scotland Yard.
(b) NATO.
(c) The Red Cross.
(d) The FBI.

14. Who is the only person that Chief Inspector Nies says he and Chief Constable Kerridge can trust to give New Scotland Yard the facts about the murder of William Teys?
(a) Richard Gibson.
(b) Roberta Teys.
(c) Father Hart.
(d) Stepha Odell.

15. What do Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Barbara Havers find hidden between Roberta Teys' mattress and box springs at her family's farm?
(a) A diary detailing her father's abuse of her.
(b) A letter from Gillian Teys, proving Gillian is still alive.
(c) Rotting food.
(d) A letter from Tessa Teys, proving Tessa is still alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Stepha Odell's relationship to Olivia Odell, William Teys' fiancée?

2. What aristocratic title does Inspector Lynley hold?

3. Where does Roberta Teys go every day to read the local paper?

4. What is strange about the photos Inspector Lynley finds in the Teys family photo album?

5. What does Ezra Farmington do for a living?

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