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Elizabeth George
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1 - 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what part of London does Sergeant Barbara Havers live?
(a) Belgravia.
(b) Chelsea.
(c) Hampstead.
(d) Acton.

2. What legend does Danny tell Simon and Deborah Allcourt-St. James about Keldale Abbey?
(a) The ghost of a crying baby haunts the place.
(b) A nun and a priest once fell in love there.
(c) A medieval priest performed healing miracles there.
(d) Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn there.

3. What photographs hanging on the walls of Superintendent Webberly's office are studied by Inspector Lynley in Chapter 3?
(a) Photos of a beautiful young actress.
(b) Photos of Superintendent Webberly's pet cat.
(c) Photos of the Ripper's victims.
(d) Photos of the royal family of England.

4. Where do Simon Allcourt-St. James and his new bride stay during their honeymoon?
(a) Keldale Lodge.
(b) Keldale Hall.
(c) Finley Abbey.
(d) The London Ritz Carlton.

5. At what train station does Father Hart disembark?
(a) Waterloo.
(b) King's Cross.
(c) Victoria.
(d) Vauxhall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What relative of Sergeant Barbara Havers has died of leukemia?

2. On what day of the week is William Teys murdered?

3. From what disease does Sergeant Barbara Havers' mother suffer?

4. What honor does Superintendent Webberly's wife want him to acquire?

5. Who is the only person that Chief Inspector Nies says he and Chief Constable Kerridge can trust to give New Scotland Yard the facts about the murder of William Teys?

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