A Great Deliverance Character Descriptions

Elizabeth George
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Inspector Thomas Lynley

This character is the book's protagonist and works as a detective at New Scotland Yard in London and is also an aristocrat.

Sergeant Barbara Havers

This character is thirty years old and decidedly unattractive. The character is also somewhat difficult to get along with and has been demoted at work.

Father Hart

This character discovers a decapitated body in the barn at Gembler Farm.

Lady Helen Clyde

This character currently works as a lab assistant and is something of a human behavior expert.

Simon Allcourt-St. James

This character is an independent forensics expert who once worked for New Scotland Yard and has been injured in a car accident which left him a cripple.

Deborah Allcourt-St. James

This character is a photographer.

Roberta Teys

This character is significantly overweight and is considered by some to be developmentally delayed.

William Teys

This character is a child molester...

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