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Short Answer Questions

1. When did Warui join the Movement?

2. How many visitors come to Mugo's house in "Chapter 1"?

3. How many brothers does Mumbi have?

4. What is uhuru?

5. In "Chapter 3," what does Gikonyo say detention did to Mugo?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Chapter 2," how do Kenyans feel about women rulers?

2. What happens when Karanja visits Mrs. Thomspon in "Chapter 4"?

3. How does the narrator say Gikonyo courted Mumbi?

4. In "Chapter 5," what types of things does Mr. Thompson put in his treatise notes?

5. How does Gikonyo change after spending time in the concentration camps?

6. When General R. and Lieutenant Koina first arrive at Mugo's house in "Chapter 3," what do they first talk about?

7. In "Chapter 2," what explanation is given for the Movement?

8. How does Mugo feel about giving speeches in "Chapter 6"?

9. In "Chapter 7," what turning point in Kihika's life does the narrator describe?

10. How does Mugo feel about the old woman in the village?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the role of religion in "A Grain of Wheat"? Especially consider the Christianity white men bring to Kenya.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the motivations of two characters.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the symbolism of land, especially farmland.

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