A Grain of Wheat Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In "Chapter 1", what happens when Mugo wakes up?

Mugo wakes up much earlier than usual and in a bad mood. He is upset with life in general, but he forces himself out of bed and makes breakfast before working his land.

2. In "Chapter 1," what things do the villagers talk with Mugo about?

Mugo's villagers seem to be very interested in upcoming independence. They talk about the freedom that will come with their country's independence, but they are also a little fearful.

3. How does Mugo feel about the land he receives, after leaving the detention center?

At first, Mugo takes great pride in working the land he receives when he is released from the detention center. He even says it comforts him. But as time passes, he grows weary from working the land and less enthusiastic about it.

4. How does Mugo feel about the old woman in the village?

Mugo feels a connection with the old woman in the village. She lost her son in the war and spends her time avoiding other people. He says she seems to recognize him in some way that helps create a connection. Mugo also works to avoid the other villagers.

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