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Thabai - This is the village where most of the novel takes place.

Kihika's Bible - This is left behind by its owner the day he is captured.

Githima - This is where many of the British work, and a train runs through the city.

Rira - This is a concentration camp.

Prospero in Africa - This is the title of Thompson's planned treatise.

The Iron Snake - This is the name the Kenyans give the train.

The Carved Stool - This is what Gikonyo wants to give his wife shortly after they are married.

The Panga Handle - This is what Gikonyo carves for Mumbi to win her affections.

The Trench - This is what the government forces the villagers to work on during the period of political turmoil.

Mahee Police Post - This is where Kihika sets prisoners free.

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