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Survival Guide

Write a guide to help the Kenyans survive the process of independence.


Turn a chapter of "A Grain of Wheat" into a comic.

Make a word search featuring the words in this novel that are not in English.

Love Triangle Map

Create a visual to help sort out the different love triangles in "A Grain of Wheat." Consider how the characters are related to each other.

Political Cartoon

Draw a political cartoon that reflects the political strife going on in Kenya during this novel.

Gikonyo's Stool

Using the descriptions of the stool Gikonyo wants to create for Mumbi, create a drawing or 3D model. What does this stool symbolize? Why is it so important?


Pretend you are in the camp with Mugo or Gikoyno. Write letters home about your experiences.


Create a collage that represents one of the following major themes...

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