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A Grain of Wheat Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

Research Kenyan independence and analyze the historical accuracy in this novel.

Consider the settings of village, detention/concentration camp and town. How does setting affect the characters who interact in these places?

Analyze the theme of loneliness in "A Grain of Wheat,"

Explore the issues of race that are raised in this novel.

Consider the romantic relationships in "A Grain of Wheat." How are they influenced by politics?

Compare the Movement to the American Revolution or another historical movement toward independence.

Compare and contrast the motivations of two characters.

What is the role of religion in "A Grain of Wheat"? Especially consider the Christianity white men bring to Kenya.

How is Thompson a hero in this novel? How is he a villain?

Examine the author's use of flashback in this novel. Several characters have flashbacks to the beginning of the Emergency and of the Movement. How does this...

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