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Chapter 1

• Mugo served time in a detention center and is given a piece of land when he is released.

• Mugo lives a solitary life.

• The people in Mugo's village talk about their coming independence.

• Three visitors come to Mugo's house from "the Party."

Chapter 2

• A history of the Movement is given.

• There are several Movement rebels who are described.

• Kihika is hanged for burning a police jail cell.

Chapter 3

• General R. and Lieutenant Koina visit Mugo to discuss independence and Kihika's death.

• General R. and Lieutenant Koina suspect Karanja of betraying Kihika and causing his death.

• Gikonyo wishes to talk to Mugo about the detention camps but is unable.

Chapter 4

• The narrator describes how many people do not like the trains that were built in Kenya.

• Karanja works at a library run by Mr. Thompson, who is white and will soon have to leave.

• Mr. Thompson defends Karanja...

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