A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain Fun Activities

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Vietnamese Immigration

Research the history of Vietnamese immigration to the U.S. Discuss with a group what you have learned.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for Vietnam.


Use a blackline map to show the places the various narrators lived and traveled.


Create a collage of pictures that show the different types of cars that Mr. Chinh, from Chapter 3, drove.

Mekong Delta

Use a comparison matrix graphic organizer to compare the Mekong Delta to the bayous of Louisiana.


Research the history of Vietnam. Use a timeline graphic organizer to show what you learned.


Write a short story describing how Francine’s relationship with her father changed after she discovered the letters in the storage shed.

Small Men Who Changed the World

In Chapter 7, several men of short stature are mentioned who changed the world. Research these men and write a few paragraphs discussing what...

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