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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Leafy receive from Adekunle?
(a) A motorcycle.
(b) A silver tea set.
(c) A dozen cigars.
(d) A golf bag and clubs.

2. Adekunle's wife invites Leafy to ____________.
(a) A birthday party.
(b) A campaign rally.
(c) A restaurant opening.
(d) A film screening.

3. In Part Two, Chapter 1, who does Leafy feels is the one he's been waiting for all his life?
(a) Judy.
(b) Priscilla.
(c) Hazel.
(d) Chloe.

4. Where is Chloe Fanshawe told to stay to remain safe?
(a) At the High Commission.
(b) At Adekunle's.
(c) At the home of Denzil Jones.
(d) At the university.

5. Who catches Leafy leaving Celia's place?
(a) Dr. Murray.
(b) Hazel.
(c) Adekunle.
(d) Friday.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of the novel, what happens to Dr. Murray?

2. What time of day do Leafy and his servant remove the body from the Commission premises?

3. Part Three of Chapter 1 begins in what time?

4. What information does Leafy reveal to Dr. Murray about his report?

5. In the KNP, Adekunle is responsible for _________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Adekunle need Dr. Murray?

2. What is Femi Robinson's role in the novel?

3. At the end of the novel, what happens to Dr. Murray, and what is Leafy's response?

4. What is Adekunle's alternate plan for dealing with Dr. Murray's report?

5. With what information does Adekunle blackmail Leafy?

6. In the final chapter of the novel, how does the theme of resignation come through?

7. Are internal or external causes the root of Leafy's problems?

8. In Part Two, Leafy is losing many things. What is he losing?

9. Describe the affair between Celia and Leafy.

10. Who are the various people Leafy has to report to, and what stress does this cause him?

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