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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Leafy impersonate when leaving the party at Adekunle's?
(a) Adekunle.
(b) Dr. Murray.
(c) Fanshawe.
(d) No one.

2. Leafy's first visit to Dr. Murray is a result of Lee Wan telling him not to use _______________.
(a) Alcohol.
(b) A mosquito net.
(c) Condoms.
(d) Antibiotics.

3. Where is the second apartment for Hazel located?
(a) Around the corner from a convenience store.
(b) On the university campus.
(c) Above a boutique and fabric shop.
(d) Near the military base.

4. What sexually transmitted disease does Leafy have?
(a) HIV.
(b) Syphillis.
(c) Herpes.
(d) Gonorrhea.

5. After proposing the deal to Dr. Murray, where does Leafy hide out?
(a) In his home.
(b) At Celia's.
(c) In his office.
(d) At Hazel's apartment.

6. In Part Two, Chapter 5, how does Leafy try to smooth things over with Priscilla?
(a) He offers to rub her back.
(b) He invites her fishing.
(c) He buys her a bouquet of flowers.
(d) He invites her out to dinner.

7. What has yet to take place at the Commission grounds?
(a) The removal of the dead servant.
(b) The promotion ceremony of Leafy.
(c) The wedding nuptials of Dalmire and Priscilla.
(d) The ruling on the real estate deal.

8. What does Dr. Murray prescribe to Leafy?
(a) Penicillin and five days of abstinence.
(b) A blood transfusion.
(c) Penicillin and four weeks of abstinence.
(d) Rest and relaxation.

9. Where is Chloe Fanshawe told to stay to remain safe?
(a) At the High Commission.
(b) At the home of Denzil Jones.
(c) At the university.
(d) At Adekunle's.

10. Adekunle's wife invites Leafy to ____________.
(a) A restaurant opening.
(b) A birthday party.
(c) A film screening.
(d) A campaign rally.

11. What is Arthur Fanshawe's response to seeing the servant's body?
(a) He faints.
(b) He vomits.
(c) He recoils.
(d) He grimmaces.

12. In Part Three, Chapter 8, Leafy lies to Adekunle about __________.
(a) His affair with Celia.
(b) His sexually transmitted disease.
(c) Bribing Dr. Murray.
(d) The winner of the election.

13. In Part Three, Chapter 3, where will Leafy make his proposal to Dr. Murray?
(a) At the election rally.
(b) At a golf tournament.
(c) At a boxing match.
(d) At an economic summit.

14. What candidate does the United Kingdom support?
(a) Adekunle.
(b) Murray.
(c) Leafy.
(d) Fanshawe.

15. What is the code name of the project to woo Adekunle for British interests?
(a) Operation Surprise.
(b) Project Bandwagon.
(c) Project Kingpin.
(d) Operation Phoenix.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part Two, Chapter 11, whom does Leafy pick up at the airport?

2. What time of day do Leafy and his servant remove the body from the Commission premises?

3. What does Leafy learn about Celia's intentions with Leafy?

4. How does Adekunle plan on interfering with Dr. Murray's report?

5. At the beginning of Part Two, the story is told in ________________.

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