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Lesson 1 (from Part One - Chapter 1)


Part One - Chapter 1

Morgan Leafy, the main character, is a representative of the British Government in the fictional West African state of Kinjanja. Kinjanja is facing the situation of being in the post colonial era, with British influences remaining. A central element of the plot is the upcoming election. This is especially critical because of what it will mean for the British Government. In this lesson, students will examine the setting of A Good Man in Africa and analyze the role setting plays in plot development.


1) Read and Respond: Have students read and respond to the following Eudora Welty quote as it relates to setting in A Good Man in Africa:

"Place in fiction is the named, identified, concrete, exact and exacting, and therefore credible, gathering spot of all that has been felt, is about to be experienced, in the novel's progress."

2) Lecture: Prepare...

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