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Essay Topic 1

In an essay, analyze what effect point of view has on the novel. Using examples from the text, from what point of view is A Good Man in Africa told? How would the novel change if it were told from each of the following different point of views:

Adekunle- first person

Hazel- first person

Celia-first person

Third person omniscient

Essay Topic 2

The setting significantly affects the plot of a novel. In an essay, analyze the role of setting including a description of the setting of A Good Man In Africa. How can the setting change a novel? What are some examples of how the novel would be different if the setting were to change?

Essay Topic 3

Using what you have learned about characterization, write a character analysis of one of the main characters. Include the following: a description, actions, relationship to other characters, motives, strengths, and...

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