A Good Man in Africa Character Descriptions

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Morgan Leafy

This character is the protagonist of the novel and the First Secretary of the British High Commission.

Sam Adekunle

This character is the major antagonist of the novel and desires to rise to a prominent position in the Kinjanjan National Party.

Arthur Fanshawe

This character is the Deputy High Commissioner in Nkongsamba and desires a more prestigious posting.

Dr. Alex Murray

This character is a physician who operates at the clinic at the university in Nkongsamba.

Priscilla Fanshawe

This character is devoted to her parents and is searching for a relationship that will lead to marriage.


This character is an African trying to survive as best as possible in an impoverished nation, even if it means lowering moral standards to achieve some level of comfort, and survive financially.

Celia Adekunle

This character desires to get back to England to once again live in a familiar...

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