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Part One - Chapter 1

• Morgan Leafy is a representative of the British Government in Kinjanja, West Africa.

• Richard Dalmire is engaged to Priscilla, with whom Leafy is in love.
• Leafy is being blackmailed by Sam Adekunle.

• Adekunle wants Leafy to get to know Dr. Murray to get him to do "something."
• There is an upcoming election.

• Leafy is asked to play Father Christmas/Santa by Chloe Fanshawe.

Part One - Chapter 2

• Leafy goes to see Hazel, a prostitute, in an apartment he provides for her in town.

• Another young man is there and identifies himself as Sonny.
• After having sex with Hazel, Leafy sends her out for beer.
• After showering, Leafy examines his body and is dissatisfied with his appearance.

• Leafy and Hazel go their separate ways for events of the evening, but Leafy says he will look in later on her.

Part One - Chapter 3

• Leafy arrives...

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