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Haven Kimmel
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rule did Zippy's father have about cards dealt by a dad?
(a) They should always be worse cards than held by the dad.
(b) Players must accept them.
(c) Players could exchange them.
(d) They should never be Aces.

2. On the night of her sister's slumber party, what did Zippy think she saw in the trees?
(a) Red.
(b) Her grandmother.
(c) Her dog.
(d) Jesus.

3. Where was Zippy's bedroom?
(a) Next to Melinda's.
(b) On the back of the house.
(c) She shared a room with her sister.
(d) She didn't have a proper bedroom.

4. What game did Dana and Zippy play when speaking?
(a) They slurred all the "s" sounds when speaking.
(b) They talked in really high voices.
(c) They communicated in Spanish only.
(d) They spoke in Pig Latin.

5. Who was the undisputed master of hooking rugs in Mooreland?
(a) Melinda.
(b) Zippy's dad.
(c) Zippy's mom.
(d) Debbie Newman.

6. Why did the people in Mooreland think Zippy's mother was a Communist?
(a) Because she read all the time.
(b) Because she subscribed to Atlantic Monthly.
(c) Because she befriended people of color in the town.
(d) Because she returned to college.

7. What did Zippy's Christmas tree look like?
(a) It was white and rotated on a stand.
(b) It was made out of silver tinsel.
(c) It was green spruce bought at the lot on the corner.
(d) It was fake green and crunched up from years of use.

8. After the fall on the way to her brother's house, what did Zippy have embedded in the heel of her foot?
(a) Gravel.
(b) Glass.
(c) Grass.
(d) Plastic.

9. What did Zippy's mom think of Dan's ESP power?
(a) He could read the future.
(b) He had a special religious feeling.
(c) He could sense danger.
(d) He was a blocker.

10. What was Polly's brother accused of?
(a) Robbing the gas station.
(b) Killing his commanding officer.
(c) Killing innocent people in Vietnam.
(d) Killing his wife's boyfriend.

11. At the party at Rose of Sharon's house, what gift did Zippy get?
(a) Shoes made from Cool Whip containters.
(b) Candles made with milk cartons.
(c) A purse made out of a plastic butter bowl.
(d) A hat knitted from yarn.

12. When Zippy was taking the parcels to her brother's house, what did she hit that made her fall down?
(a) A dog.
(b) A hole in the road.
(c) The railroad tracks.
(d) A lamppost.

13. What did Dana's father put in their pristine barn?
(a) A horse.
(b) A ping pong table.
(c) Chickens.
(d) Dogs.

14. What did Zippy think of the six of clubs in a deck of cards?
(a) It was girly.
(b) The six was the devil.
(c) The club was a shovel.
(d) It was a boy.

15. What had Melinda done to her house after she got married?
(a) She set fire to it twice.
(b) She kept chickens inside.
(c) She planted a garden.
(d) She painted it blue.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Melinda ask Zippy about their father when Zippy visited her while she was sewing?

2. How long did Zippy's family have the dog?

3. How old was Dan when Melinda was born?

4. What was Zippy and Rose's favorite game to play?

5. What did Zippy's father win gambling that belonged to Zippy and only Zippy?

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