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Haven Kimmel
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Zippy's cat's name that she thought she'd lost forever but later found inside Petey's house?
(a) PeeDink.
(b) Kitty.
(c) It had no name.
(d) Fluffy.

2. Where did Zippy's sister pinch her when she came in late to church?
(a) He cheeks.
(b) Her behind just before she sat down.
(c) The side of her leg.
(d) The tender skin inside the upper arm.

3. What was the one main street in Mooreland when Zippy's family lived there?
(a) Main Street.
(b) Broad Street.
(c) Jefferson Street.
(d) Cracow Ave.

4. How did Zippy get her name?
(a) After the Zippy lighter fluid that her dad used in his lighter.
(b) After a Disney character.
(c) After a little chimpanzee her dad saw roller-skating on television.
(d) After a character on television who was on the Davy Crockett Show.

5. What was the slogan for Melinda in the Fair Parade when she rode in the convertible?
(a) A beautiful girl for a beautiful town.
(b) An old-fashioned girl with an old-fashioned smile.
(c) A pioneer woman with a pioneer spirit.
(d) A midwestern beauty for a happy midwestern town.

6. Where did Reed Ball, Zippy's neighbor, sit all the time and watch her house?
(a) The front porch.
(b) From a swing set in his back yard.
(c) From a treehouse in his front yard.
(d) In his truck.

7. How much, according to Zippy, did the hoods of Chevrolet vehicles weigh?
(a) Just a few pounds.
(b) Approximately 3000 pounds.
(c) 50 tons.
(d) The same as a small ship.

8. Who signed the official, lifetime certificate making Zippy a member of the Mafia?
(a) James Bond.
(b) Leonardo "The Lion" Gravitano Salvatore.
(c) The Godfather.
(d) Lou Avenger.

9. What was Zippy's father's reaction to her chicken being killed?
(a) He chuckled.
(b) He played a card game with Zippy to cheer her up.
(c) He sat down and ate dinner without a word.
(d) He left the house with a .357 Magnum.

10. When Daniel saw Melinda sitting on the edge of the tub fully dressed after he'd been waiting to get into the bathroom, what did he do to Melinda?
(a) He stood silent in disbelief.
(b) He slapped her face.
(c) He threw water on her.
(d) He yelled at her.

11. Which church was in the middle of town?
(a) St. Joseph.
(b) Mooreland Friends Church.
(c) First Baptist Church.
(d) Community Christian Church.

12. When Daniel could not get into the bathroom one morning before school because Melinda was in there, what did he do?
(a) He left and got ready in the school bathroom.
(b) He took the bathroom door off the hinges.
(c) He got one of his dad's guns and threatened to shoot off the lock.
(d) When Melinda opened the door, he told her he would kill her if she ever did that again.

13. What did Julie's dad gather from his truck every night when he came home?
(a) His bowling ball and his gun.
(b) His briefcase, and his cigarettes.
(c) His wallet, his lighter, and his gun.
(d) His money clip and his lighter.

14. What did Zippy's mom call her when she jumped down stairs, skipping every other one?
(a) Chuck the Bouncing Monster.
(b) The Ballerina.
(c) Grace.
(d) A herd of Elephants.

15. What stalling games did Zippy play to keep from leaving for church on time?
(a) "I Can't Find my Other Shoe" and "I've Lost my Little Pink New Testament."
(b) "I Need to Brush my Teeth."
(c) "I Need Coffee Before Church."
(d) I Need to Feed the Dog."

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of haircut was Zippy's favorite when she was little?

2. Who did Zippy's mom listen to on the television every Sunday?

3. What divided the kitchen from the den in Zippy's house?

4. What was Zippy's favorite campground?

5. How many four-way stops did the town of Mooreland have?

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