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Amor Towles
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what time is the Count's appointment with Nina Kulikova set in the opening of Book 1: "Anyway..."?
(a) 2:00.
(b) 1:00.
(c) 3:00.
(d) 4:00.

2. By what firm was the Count's father's clock made to order?
(a) Breguet.
(b) Brunel.
(c) Federova.
(d) Montaigne.

3. What is the Count's response when the couple asks him "What are you doing here?" in Book 2: "1926: Adieu"?
(a) "I am... inspecting your locks."
(b) "I am... a bellhop."
(c) "I am... from the barber shop."
(d) "I am... from the drapers."

4. Who is the fruit seller that Count Rostov calls out to when he is escorted from the Kremlin onto Red Square in Book 1: "1922: An Ambassador"?
(a) Andrey.
(b) Fyodor.
(c) Emile.
(d) Ilya.

5. What is Mr. Halecki's first name?
(a) Jozef.
(b) Emile.
(c) Fyodor.
(d) Petya.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the temperature of the ballroom said to be in Book 1: "An Assembly"?

2. In what room of the hotel has the Count met with Anna in Book 3: "An Afternoon Assignation"?

3. What bridge does the Count describe Princess Golitsyn's carriage crossing in his story to Nina in Book 1: "Anyway..."?

4. Who comes to fetch the Count to Mr. Halecki's office in Book 1: "An Assembly"?

5. What is the title of the poem that is credited to Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov that opens the novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator describe Anna's mindset in Book 2: "Addendum"?

2. What does the Count assert about etiquette in Book 1: “Anyway…”?

3. How would you describe the narrative style of A Gentleman in Moscow?

4. What experiments is Nina conducting when the Count encounters her in Book 2: “1926: Adieu”?

5. How does the Count alter his living quarters in Book 1: “Around and About”?

6. How is the Piazza described? Where is it located?

7. How is the Count's first encounter with the actress described in Book 2: “1923: An Actress, an Apparition, an Apiary”?

8. What does the Count discover when he is alone in Mr. Halecki's office in Book 1: “An Assembly”?

9. Why does the Count visit Marina's work room in Book 1: “An Assembly”?

10. How are the Count's quarters described at the hotel?

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