A Gentleman in Moscow Short Essay - Answer Key

Amor Towles
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1. How would you describe the narrative style of A Gentleman in Moscow?

The majority of the novel is related in the past tense from a third-person narrator focused on the perspective of the Count. In a few chapters, the narrative changes to focus on other characters and in one chapter, the Count's story of the lieutenant is related in the second-person in present tense.

2. What is the Count's sentence that is decreed in the opening of the novel? What crime did the Count commit?

The Count is sentenced to lifetime house arrest at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow. He has been given this sentence for writing an inflammatory poem during the years of the Russian Revolution.

3. How are the Count's quarters described at the hotel?

The Count is moved from his roomy and elaborate quarters in a suite on the fourth floor to a shabby and small room on the sixth floor of the hotel. These rooms once housed servants traveling with their wealthy masters.

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