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Amor Towles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: “1930” — “An Afternoon Assignation”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Count tells Nina in Book 1: "Anyway..." that "setting aside the study of the liberal arts," "the rules of being a princess would begin with" what?
(a) "An aristocratic heritage."
(b) "A great wealth."
(c) "A perception of thought."
(d) "A refinement of manners."

2. In Book 3: "Arachne's Art," the narrator asserts, "History is the business of identifying momentous events from the comfort of" what?
(a) "A perception of thought."
(b) "A high-back chair."
(c) "A great wealth."
(d) "A throne."

3. At what time is the Count crossing the lobby to the Boyarsky when Nina signals to him from behind a potted plant in Book 1: "Around and About"?
(a) 8:00.
(b) 7:00.
(c) 5:00.
(d) 6:00.

4. By what name does the Count call the one-eyed cat at the Hotel Metropole?
(a) Pavel.
(b) Stalin.
(c) Fyodor.
(d) Kutuzov.

5. Who is said to be the current resident of room 317 at the Hotel Metropole in Book 1: "Archeologies"?
(a) Comrade Tarakovsky.
(b) Comrade Leplevsky.
(c) Comrade Rostov.
(d) Comrade Mindich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the smoking jacket that the Count wears to celebrate his anniversary of confinement at the Hotel Metropole in Book 2: "1923: An Actress, an Apparition, an Apiary"?

2. How much money does the lieutenant lose in the narrator's story of the princess's birthday party in Book 2: "1926: Adieu"?

3. What is Anna Urbanova's profession?

4. Prior to the opening of Book 1, there is a poem credited to Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov. What is the year of the poem cited?

5. What is the temperature of the ballroom said to be in Book 1: "An Assembly"?

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