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Amor Towles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3: “1930” — “An Afternoon Assignation”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Count do in order to stop the actress's dogs from chasing the cat in Book 2: "1923: An Actress, an Apparition, an Apiary"?
(a) He shouts.
(b) He whistles.
(c) He claps.
(d) He rings a bell.

2. What restaurant at the Hotel Metropole is described in Book 1: "An Acquaintanceship" as "that fabled retreat on the second floor"?
(a) The Idlehour.
(b) The Piazza.
(c) The Boyarsky.
(d) The Shalyapin.

3. What is the Count's response when the couple asks him "What are you doing here?" in Book 2: "1926: Adieu"?
(a) "I am... inspecting your locks."
(b) "I am... from the drapers."
(c) "I am... a bellhop."
(d) "I am... from the barber shop."

4. On what date was Nikolai Bukharin "outmaneuvered by Stalin and ousted from the Poliburo," according to the narrator in Book 3: "Arachne's Art"?
(a) January 3, 1928.
(b) June 12, 1887.
(c) February 25, 1927.
(d) November 17, 1929.

5. What is Mr. Halecki's first name?
(a) Emile.
(b) Petya.
(c) Fyodor.
(d) Jozef.

Short Answer Questions

1. What date is described in Book 3: "Arachne's Art" as "the launch of the First Five-Year Plan"?

2. Why does Mr. Halecki call the Count to his office in Book 1: "An Assembly"?

3. What are the names of the bellhops at the Hotel Metropol?

4. Where was Princess Golitsyn on her way to a ball in the Count's story to Nina in Book 1: "Anyway..."?

5. By what firm was the Count's father's clock made to order?

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