Daily Lessons for Teaching A Gentleman in Moscow

Amor Towles
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Lesson 1 (from Book 1: “1922: An Ambassador” - “An Anglican Ashore”)


A Gentleman in Moscow is a historical novel by Amor Towles. This novel centers on the experiences of aristocrat Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov following his house arrest at the Hotel Metropol in Moscow after the Russian Revolution. The novel begins in 1922 as the Count is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment at the hotel for writing an inflammatory poem. This lesson focuses on the historical context of the novel. Students will research the Russian Revolution and its aftermath, examine the settings of Moscow and the Hotel Metropol in 1922, and discuss the exposition that is introduced in the Preface and Book 1: “1922: An Ambassador.”


Group Assignment: Assign students to groups of 3-4 each to read the Preface and Book 1: “1922: An Ambassador.” After reading, discuss the setting of the narrative and collaborate in conducting research on the Hotel Metropol in Moscow. When was the hotel erected? Is it still standing...

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