A Gentleman in Moscow Character Descriptions

Amor Towles
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Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov

This character is the protagonist of A Gentleman in Moscow. He is an aristocrat and a godson to a counselor of the Tsar. In the beginning of the novel, this character has been sentenced to house arrest at the Hotel Metropol for having written an inflammatory poem. He spends the years from 1922 at the hotel until his escape in 1954.


This character is the main antagonist in A Gentleman in Moscow. Referred to as "the Bishop" because he reminds the protagonist of a bishop on a chess board, he is initially seen as an inadequate waiter at the Piazza. Later, he is promoted, presumably because of his Bolshevik contacts, to a higher position at the Boyarsky.


This character comes into the care of the protagonist when she is six years old. Her father has been arrested and sentenced to a labor camp and her...

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