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Joan W. Blos
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What issue does Mr. Garrison's newspaper address?
(a) Healthcare.
(b) Religious freedom.
(c) Slavery.
(d) Voting rights.

2. Why does Catherine miss school in Chapter 7?
(a) She has a toothache.
(b) She has to help with the harvest.
(c) She broke her leg.
(d) She is ill.

3. What does Catherine see Mr. Holt doing with a group of boys one day?
(a) Practicing penmanship.
(b) Rehearsing a play.
(c) Reading from The Liberator newspaper.
(d) Playing baseball.

4. What does Asa feel is unfair at school?
(a) They go too long in the summer.
(b) The hours are too long.
(c) The way the teacher changes the rules for boys and girls.
(d) They start too early in the fall.

5. What does Cassie want to do about the runaway slave?
(a) Give him some clothes.
(b) Let him sleep in the barn.
(c) Turn him in.
(d) Shoot him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been taken from the Shipmans' storeroom?

2. How does Mr. Hall react when Catherine tells him about the boys on the thin ice?

3. What do the men believe regarding the girls learning math?

4. What blocks passage on the roads?

5. What is made from the tree sap?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Hall family spend its first Thanksgiving since the death of Mrs. Hall?

2. How is Mr. Holt able to sidestep the rules and still teach his moral teachings?

3. How is Mr. Hall's crafting of a chair an element of foreshadowing for the story?

4. What is Asa's philosophical stance on continuing to take punishment for things he did not do?

5. How do Cassie and Asa react to Catherine's spotting of an apparition?

6. What memories and feelings are stirred up as Matty turns 8?

7. What is Asa's complaint regarding math studies at school?

8. What is the first journal entry in the book and by whom is it written?

9. What mystery takes place regarding Catherine's writing book?

10. What does the quilt left for the phantom symbolize?

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