Objects & Places from A Gathering of Days

Joan W. Blos
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Buttery - Someone steals the pies from this storeroom at the Shipman homestead.

Writing Tablet - Catherine misplaces this on the way home and finds it two days later under the stone that they begin to call the phantom's stone.

Quilt - Made from various articles of clothing in Catherine's family, Catherine wraps up some food in it and leaves it at the phantom's stone.

Sausages and Apples - These are the food items that Catherine and Cassie wrapped inside the quilt to give to the phantom.

Phantom's Stone - Near Piper's Woods, this element designates the meeting place for Asa, Catherine, Cassie, and the phantom.

Shipman Home - This is the gathering place for the Thanksgiving meal and the home of Cassie, Asa, Willie, David, and the Shipman parents.

Foolscap Pages - Formerly the standard size of pages in Great Britain, this is what Catherine uses...

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