Objects & Places from A Gathering of Days

Joan W. Blos
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Someone steals the pies from this storeroom at the Shipman homestead.

Writing Tablet

Catherine misplaces this on the way home and finds it two days later under the stone that they begin to call the phantom's stone.


Made from various articles of clothing in Catherine's family, Catherine wraps up some food in it and leaves it at the phantom's stone.

Sausages and Apples

These are the food items that Catherine and Cassie wrapped inside the quilt to give to the phantom.

Phantom's Stone

Near Piper's Woods, this element designates the meeting place for Asa, Catherine, Cassie, and the phantom.

Shipman Home

This is the gathering place for the Thanksgiving meal and the home of Cassie, Asa, Willie, David, and the Shipman parents.

Foolscap Pages

Formerly the standard size of pages in Great Britain, this is what Catherine uses to write on when her writing tablet is...

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