A Gathering of Days Fun Activities

Joan W. Blos
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Dear Diary

Have the students emulate Catherine's commitment to her diary by writing their own diaries for at least a month. The resulting work can be self-published and shared if appropriate.

New Hampshire Travelogue

Create a travelogue about New Hampshire, the state where Catherine Hall lived. Be sure to include highlights of attractions, events and natural resources that will appeal to people considering a trip to this beautiful state.

At Home in Meredith

Let the students create a diorama or drawing of the house where Catherine and her family lived in Meredith.

Dinner with the Hall Family

Imagine that you are having the Hall family over to dinner. Who else would you invite? What would you talk about? What would you serve? What music selections would you play?

Dress the Part

Do some research on clothing styles of New England in the early 1800s. Download images from the...

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