A Gathering of Days Character Descriptions

Joan W. Blos
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Catherine Cabot Hall

When she begins the journal, she is thirteen years old, and writes in the journal for a period of less than a year and a half. In it, she chronicles the life she leads and the people who are special to her.

Charles Hall

A sensible and strong man, he mourns the loss of his wife and infant son and then grows to accept his family as God gave it to him and the two girls. When Aunt Lucy arrives in town and there is chatter about his marrying her, he quickly puts those rumors to rest. In his mind, he does not need a wife, nor does he want one.

Mary Martha (Matty)

She is free-spirited and often rebels against doing what others tell her to do.

Cassie Shipman

She is Catherine's best friend since birth, and the two girls spend as much time...

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