A Gathering of Days Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joan W. Blos
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Chapter 1

• A GATHERING OF DAYS is a journal written by Catherine Cabot Hall, who is thirteen years old when she begins in 1830.

• Catherine lives with her father and sister, Matty, in Meredith, New Hampshire.

• Catherine's mother and baby brother both died in childbirth.

• A neighbor woman, Mrs. Shipman, teaches Catherine and Matty fundamental household tasks.

• Catherine's best friends are Cassie Shipman and her brother, Asa.
• Catherine sees an apparition in the woods and tells Cassie and Asa about it.

• Catherine's Uncle Jack visits and relates newspaper stories about runaway slaves.

• Uncle Jack and Mr. Hall disagree on what should happen to runaways.

• Uncle Jack believes that runaways deserve freedom and kindness while Mr. Hall believes that runaways should be turned in to the authorities.

• Mrs. Shipman helps Catherine and Matty with preparation of food that can be stored for Thanksgiving.

• Mrs. Shipman's unmarried sister, Lucy, is coming for...

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