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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Oscar fetches wine, how does Christina annoy him?
(a) When she does not want a glass of wine.
(b) When she tells him he should not have any wine.
(c) When she demands the first glass.
(d) When she demands he be careful with the bottle.

2. Of what is Christina afraid when Oscar reads he has lost the suit?
(a) He will cry.
(b) He will explode.
(c) He will file another suit.
(d) He will have a heart attack.

3. What has Oscar's ordeal done to Christina and Harry's marriage?
(a) Wrecked it.
(b) Strengthened it.
(c) Brought them closer together.
(d) Made it somewhat more challenging.

4. What is the final amount of the film apportioned to Oscar?
(a) 250% of the gross receipts to costs or $200,000.
(b) 25% of the gross receipts to costs or $200,000.
(c) 2.5% of the gross receipts to costs or $200,000.
(d) .25% of the gross receipts to costs or $200,000.

5. Why is Christina shocked that Oscar would waste time reading his play to this person?
(a) She thinks he should be pursuing his appeal.
(b) His play is horrible.
(c) She thinks he should give up on his play.
(d) She thinks no one will want to produce his play.

6. What does Christina do when she finds Oscar engrossed in a nature program?
(a) She criticizes his odd tastes.
(b) She turns off the television.
(c) She sits down to enjoy the show as well.
(d) She asks him what he is watching.

7. What do most of Oscar's charges represent?
(a) Administrative costs.
(b) Consultation Fees.
(c) Retainer Fees.
(d) Contingency Fees.

8. Who has Christina consulted about fulfilling Harry's wish for a clean getaway like the Judge?
(a) No one.
(b) Ilse.
(c) Oscar.
(d) Lily.

9. Why had Harry, who had known this a few days, not told Oscar?
(a) It gives him his only chance of overthrowing a negative verdict.
(b) He was looking into Basie's past.
(c) It gives him time to think about how he feels about Basie.
(d) He was hoping to find a better lawyer.

10. What do witnesses confirm about the site of the drowning?
(a) It is a popular fishing site.
(b) It is frequently used for baptisms.
(c) The current is very strong.
(d) It is beautiful.

11. What does Oscar say when Christina tells him there will be no funeral?
(a) He insists it is his duty to provide a proper funeral.
(b) He agrees that it is probably for the best.
(c) He does not his father cremated.
(d) He does not want to attend a funeral.

12. How much is Father's estate worth?
(a) Around $55 million.
(b) Around $5 million.
(c) Around $5.5 million.
(d) Around $500,000.

13. What is the packet of letters Christina spots in the Gladstone?
(a) The documents the Judge rescued from the Historical Society's clutches.
(b) Bills that are overdue.
(c) Letters from various law firms.
(d) Letters from Father's supporters.

14. Why is Oscar upset about the obituary?
(a) It is too expensive.
(b) It is too long.
(c) It is too short.
(d) It obscures Father's career.

15. What does Christina insist about the movie's hero?
(a) He is just like Thomas/Grandfather.
(b) He somewhat resembles Thomas/Grandfather.
(c) He highly resembles Thomas/Grandfather.
(d) He is not Thomas/Grandfather.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Harry long been estranged from his father?

2. What does the obituary say?

3. How does Oscar feel about Father having no time to read his play?

4. Why does Oscar fail to notice Lily's new hairdo?

5. What does J. Harret Ruth share with Senator Orney Bilk?

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