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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Steel inspecting?
(a) The Tine nursery.
(b) The factory for producing gunpowder.
(c) The cannon Jefri has constructed.
(d) The construction zone around the ship.

2. How does Pham seem to exist?
(a) By tapping into others' memories.
(b) In a private dreamworld.
(c) On air.
(d) By reminding himself everyday of who he is.

3. What must OOB do at the opening of chapter 25?
(a) Be retrofitted with a quantum drive.
(b) Put in for repairs.
(c) Be fitted for slow beyond.
(d) Be made capable of light speed.

4. What does Pham don to go after Greenstalk?
(a) A keflar suit.
(b) A globe helmet.
(c) A specially modified pressure suit.
(d) A chain mail vest.

5. What is happening to Woodcarver?
(a) She is assassinated.
(b) She is strengthened by a Johanna meld.
(c) She is evolving to a Power.
(d) Her time is running out.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the gray fungus examine a puppy's brain?

2. What does Pham learn that Jefri's parents have done?

3. How does Amdijefri communicated with Ravna?

4. Who takes over control of the fighting from Scrupilo?

5. What happens just as Limmende and Skrits are about to order Svensndot to ignore OOB?

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