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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Flenser subtly trying to undermine?
(a) The way the rescue ship perceives the planet's organization.
(b) Amdijefri's respect for Steel.
(c) Woodcarver's position as leader.
(d) Steel's thoughts.

2. Where has Johanna been working?
(a) In the commissary.
(b) In the field hospital.
(c) In the computer lab.
(d) In the cannon factory.

3. Where does OOB decide to go?
(a) The Planet of Repose.
(b) Harmonious Repose.
(c) The Harmonious Quintet.
(d) The Repose of Harmony.

4. When does Old One consider the Blight a threat?
(a) He does not consider the Blight a threat.
(b) When the Blight engulfs the Slow Zone.
(c) When the Blight sends out tendrils into the Transcend.
(d) When the Blight attacks Old One.

5. Why does Pham order a landing?
(a) He wants to question Jefri.
(b) His shuttle is hit and no longer functional.
(c) He is out of fuel.
(d) He sees Johanna waving.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Steel order ignited?

2. Why does OOB not go to Sjandra Kei?

3. When are the 152 ships pursuing Pham due?

4. What is happening to Woodcarver?

5. Who does Steel threaten to kill?

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