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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pham do before loosing consciousness?
(a) Kills Ravan.
(b) Captures the companion.
(c) Fires on and hits Greenstalk.
(d) Fires on and hits Blueshell.

2. How does Amdijefri communicated with Ravna?
(a) Pictures.
(b) By text.
(c) Sine waves.
(d) Morse code.

3. What does Pham tell Ravna is real?
(a) The Riders' myth.
(b) His memory of pre-Blight times.
(c) The Blight on the cargo ship.
(d) The new boundary.

4. What is slowing OOB's progress?
(a) A vortex of time parses.
(b) The Old One's mind drags them.
(c) A jump vortex.
(d) A Great Zone Storm.

5. Who races to rescue Jefri?
(a) Pham.
(b) Bluestalk.
(c) Johanna.
(d) Vendacious.

6. Where do gunpowder and cannons go into mass production?
(a) No where yet.
(b) The Hidden Island Kingdom.
(c) Beyond the Beyond.
(d) The Cult of the Eye Island.

7. What can't Pham see about Steel ambushing rescuers?
(a) How it would serve a purpose.
(b) That Steel would not ambush them until he understands the technology they bring.
(c) How Steel's primitive culture could effect any damage against OOB.
(d) That Steel might do it to gain a working space ship.

8. What does Tyrathect contemplate?
(a) Giving Steel a new pup.
(b) Spreading out over the northland.
(c) Getting rid of Steel.
(d) Melding with Steel.

9. What could take 120 days?
(a) The time it takes for a Tine pack to gestate.
(b) The time it may take the Blight to get to the Slow Beyond.
(c) The time it may take for Pham to finally integrate all his memories.
(d) The trip to the Tines' world.

10. With whom has Steel run out of patience?
(a) Tyrathect,
(b) Vendacious.
(c) Jefri.
(d) Woodcarver's army.

11. Who does Ravna think created the Riders?
(a) The Old One.
(b) The inhabitants of Earth several billion years ago.
(c) The Blight.
(d) She has no idea.

12. What must OOB do at the opening of chapter 25?
(a) Put in for repairs.
(b) Be fitted for slow beyond.
(c) Be made capable of light speed.
(d) Be retrofitted with a quantum drive.

13. What does Steel project to the masses?
(a) Jefri.
(b) Johanna.
(c) Flenser.
(d) Ravna.

14. Why does Pham power up his weapons?
(a) He senses an ambush.
(b) He accidentally hits the on button.
(c) He is testing them.
(d) He is demonstrating how they work.

15. What does Johanna find upsetting about the Tines' behavior in the wild?
(a) They destroy trees for no reason.
(b) They litter.
(c) They kill forest creatures for fun more than necessity.
(d) They do not bathe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What worries Ravna about Greenstalk and Blueshell?

2. What is Johanna doing as Pham aims his beam gun?

3. Who sees Johanna trying to attract Pham's attention?

4. What happens when Pham is in godshatter state?

5. What bothers Woodcarver about Vendacious?

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