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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Steel's cover story?
(a) The nursery is protecting insane pups.
(b) The gunpowder factory is merely for self defense.
(c) The nursery is producing autistic pups.
(d) Disguised Woodcarvers have infiltrated.

2. What does Steel order ignited?
(a) The forest at Woodcarver's flank.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The radio cloaks.
(d) The outer pool of oil.

3. What does Skinner ask Pham to do?
(a) Kill all the invaders.
(b) Drop weapons to the waiting troops.
(c) Land inside the courtyard.
(d) Wait to land until the invaders have been repealed.

4. What does Pham do before loosing consciousness?
(a) Fires on and hits Blueshell.
(b) Captures the companion.
(c) Kills Ravan.
(d) Fires on and hits Greenstalk.

5. Who races to rescue Jefri?
(a) Pham.
(b) Vendacious.
(c) Bluestalk.
(d) Johanna.

6. What does Pham don to go after Greenstalk?
(a) A specially modified pressure suit.
(b) A globe helmet.
(c) A keflar suit.
(d) A chain mail vest.

7. What does Pham order for the Riders?
(a) To be confined to their quarters.
(b) To be put into suspended sleep.
(c) To be deep spaced.
(d) To be subjected to mind meld to learn of their plans.

8. What does Pham want to be able to describe?
(a) How to convert sodium and ash to gunpowder.
(b) How he is able to know the Old One's mind even after the Old One is dead.
(c) How it feels to have a godself die.
(d) How the Old One commits suicide.

9. What does Pham say worked on Canberra?
(a) Bypassing the trial-and-error that normally accompanies development of guns and radios.
(b) A three-pronged attack against the Blight.
(c) An attack on the reservoirs of knowledge.
(d) A virus against the Blight.

10. Who sees Johanna trying to attract Pham's attention?
(a) Ravna.
(b) Shreck.
(c) Amdijefri.
(d) Steel.

11. Who talks about the illusion of self awareness?
(a) Ravna.
(b) Pham.
(c) Jefri.
(d) Johanna.

12. Why does Pham order a landing?
(a) His shuttle is hit and no longer functional.
(b) He sees Johanna waving.
(c) He wants to question Jefri.
(d) He is out of fuel.

13. When does Old One consider the Blight a threat?
(a) When the Blight attacks Old One.
(b) He does not consider the Blight a threat.
(c) When the Blight engulfs the Slow Zone.
(d) When the Blight sends out tendrils into the Transcend.

14. What could take 120 days?
(a) The trip to the Tines' world.
(b) The time it takes for a Tine pack to gestate.
(c) The time it may take the Blight to get to the Slow Beyond.
(d) The time it may take for Pham to finally integrate all his memories.

15. What does Greenstalk say must be repaired soon?
(a) The hyperdrive belts.
(b) The transponder.
(c) The glitch in Pham's memories.
(d) The damaged ultradrive spines.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pham do during the downtime of the Zone storm?

2. To what does Steel have a natural aversion?

3. How does Woodcarver's army lose many members?

4. Who are out for revenge?

5. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?

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