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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are out for revenge?
(a) The Aparhanti.
(b) Ravna and Pham.
(c) The Sjandra Kei survivors.
(d) The Blueshells.

2. What worries Ravna about Greenstalk and Blueshell?
(a) That they carry the Blight's blueprint.
(b) That she is mistaken about them.
(c) That they work from a deep compulsion set on them.
(d) That they are waiting to act until they find the recorder device on Olndot's cargo ship.

3. What can't Pham see about Steel ambushing rescuers?
(a) That Steel would not ambush them until he understands the technology they bring.
(b) How it would serve a purpose.
(c) That Steel might do it to gain a working space ship.
(d) How Steel's primitive culture could effect any damage against OOB.

4. What does Pham order for the Riders?
(a) To be put into suspended sleep.
(b) To be deep spaced.
(c) To be subjected to mind meld to learn of their plans.
(d) To be confined to their quarters.

5. Where does OOB decide to go?
(a) The Planet of Repose.
(b) The Harmonious Quintet.
(c) Harmonious Repose.
(d) The Repose of Harmony.

6. What does Pham learn that Jefri's parents have done?
(a) Left Jefri with a means of defeating Woodcarver's country.
(b) Placed a countermeasure to the Blight on the ship.
(c) Escaped.
(d) Left complex instructions for resurrecting the children in sleep.

7. What could take 120 days?
(a) The time it takes for a Tine pack to gestate.
(b) The time it may take for Pham to finally integrate all his memories.
(c) The trip to the Tines' world.
(d) The time it may take the Blight to get to the Slow Beyond.

8. How does the gray fungus examine a puppy's brain?
(a) By taking over the brain stem.
(b) By entwining itself throughout the brain cells.
(c) By passing filaments painlessly inside.
(d) It has not learned to to that yet.

9. When does Pham loosen restrictions on Blueshell?
(a) When the pursuers draw closer.
(b) When Blueshell agrees to a meld.
(c) When Blueshell shows Pham how to control the ship.
(d) When Blueshell passes the lie detector test.

10. Where do gunpowder and cannons go into mass production?
(a) No where yet.
(b) The Cult of the Eye Island.
(c) Beyond the Beyond.
(d) The Hidden Island Kingdom.

11. What does Chitiratte wait impatiently to signal?
(a) Johanna's assassination.
(b) The end of the long cliffs they are rapelling.
(c) The approach of Steel's army.
(d) The approach of the rescue ship.

12. What does Steel order ignited?
(a) The radio cloaks.
(b) The outer pool of oil.
(c) The forest at Woodcarver's flank.
(d) Nothing.

13. What does Pham do during the downtime of the Zone storm?
(a) Plots ships' locations.
(b) Stays in godshatter.
(c) Talks with Ravna.
(d) Sleeps.

14. What does Ravna believe about Jefri's time frame?
(a) He will stand trial in less than 60 days.
(b) He has less than 100 days to ward off attack.
(c) He will be executed in 10 days.
(d) He will be melded in 100 days and she must get to him before he melds.

15. Who sees Johanna trying to attract Pham's attention?
(a) Ravna.
(b) Steel.
(c) Amdijefri.
(d) Shreck.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pham order a landing?

2. What must OOB do at the opening of chapter 25?

3. What is Steel's cover story?

4. What does Tyrathect contemplate?

5. What does Amdijefri find when exploring the dome?

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