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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Jefri send?
(a) A modified acoustic interface for the radio.
(b) A machine to wake the children.
(c) A conference with Woodcarver's realm.
(d) Word about his sister.

2. When does Pham loosen restrictions on Blueshell?
(a) When Blueshell passes the lie detector test.
(b) When the pursuers draw closer.
(c) When Blueshell shows Pham how to control the ship.
(d) When Blueshell agrees to a meld.

3. Why must Pham let Bluestalk fly him to the planet's surface?
(a) So Bluestalk can be first out of the shuttle.
(b) The landing boat lacks automation.
(c) To demonstrate that he trusts Bluestalk.
(d) So Pham has his hands free to fight.

4. What do the most competent posters on the Net think about the Blight's interest in the High Beyond?
(a) The Blight does not even know the High Beyond exists.
(b) The Blight will not lose interest in controlling the High Beyond.
(c) The Blight will lose interest in invading High Beyond.
(d) The Blight hasn't the ability to find High Beyond.

5. Who does Ravna think created the Riders?
(a) The Blight.
(b) The Old One.
(c) The inhabitants of Earth several billion years ago.
(d) She has no idea.

6. Why does Pham power up his weapons?
(a) He senses an ambush.
(b) He is demonstrating how they work.
(c) He is testing them.
(d) He accidentally hits the on button.

7. How does Steel view Amdijefri?
(a) As useless.
(b) As insolent.
(c) As a traitor.
(d) As indispensible.

8. What does Pham do during the downtime of the Zone storm?
(a) Stays in godshatter.
(b) Plots ships' locations.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Talks with Ravna.

9. What does Ravna deny to Svendndot?
(a) That OOB plans to use the technology on the cargo cruiser they are rescuing.
(b) That the riders on OOB are agents of the Blight.
(c) That OOB belongs to the Alliance or the Blight.
(d) That OOB is harboring riders.

10. What does Pham have to do to effect a landing?
(a) Match velocities with the planet.
(b) Repair his ultradrive.
(c) Switch to manual control.
(d) Repair his landing gear.

11. In what is Ravna unwilling to participate?
(a) Genocide.
(b) Taking the offensive in war.
(c) Creating a new biological hazard.
(d) Compromising with the Blight.

12. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?
(a) Alliance for Defense.
(b) Alliance for Blight Removal.
(c) No one plans to eradicate humans.
(d) Alliance of plant fossa.

13. How does Pham seem to exist?
(a) By tapping into others' memories.
(b) By reminding himself everyday of who he is.
(c) On air.
(d) In a private dreamworld.

14. How does Woodcarver's army lose many members?
(a) From an overhead attack by a plane.
(b) Attack from a pack of wolves.
(c) Dying in an earthquake.
(d) Falling off a precipice.

15. What does Steel worry that Amdijefri will see?
(a) That Steel intends to kill Amdijefri.
(b) The way he tortures newborn pups.
(c) The fact that Johanna is alive.
(d) Through his mask.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do gunpowder and cannons go into mass production?

2. What does Steel plan to do to the rescuers?

3. What does Pham tell Ravna is real?

4. What is Steel inspecting?

5. What does Ravna believe about Jefri's time frame?

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