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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far off is Pham from target?
(a) He is right on.
(b) 100 million klicks.
(c) 5000 klicks.
(d) 20 million klicks.

2. Who races to rescue Jefri?
(a) Bluestalk.
(b) Vendacious.
(c) Johanna.
(d) Pham.

3. What does Pham learn that Jefri's parents have done?
(a) Left complex instructions for resurrecting the children in sleep.
(b) Escaped.
(c) Left Jefri with a means of defeating Woodcarver's country.
(d) Placed a countermeasure to the Blight on the ship.

4. What fails deep in the Slow Zone?
(a) Replicators.
(b) Speech.
(c) Alliances.
(d) Ultradrives.

5. What does Pham say worked on Canberra?
(a) A three-pronged attack against the Blight.
(b) Bypassing the trial-and-error that normally accompanies development of guns and radios.
(c) A virus against the Blight.
(d) An attack on the reservoirs of knowledge.

6. What does Greenstalk explain about the Zones?
(a) They are about to dissolve.
(b) They are in flux.
(c) They are stable.
(d) He makes no comments about the Zones.

7. In what is Ravna unwilling to participate?
(a) Creating a new biological hazard.
(b) Taking the offensive in war.
(c) Compromising with the Blight.
(d) Genocide.

8. What do the most competent posters on the Net think about the Blight's interest in the High Beyond?
(a) The Blight hasn't the ability to find High Beyond.
(b) The Blight does not even know the High Beyond exists.
(c) The Blight will not lose interest in controlling the High Beyond.
(d) The Blight will lose interest in invading High Beyond.

9. Who talks about the illusion of self awareness?
(a) Jefri.
(b) Johanna.
(c) Pham.
(d) Ravna.

10. What does Pham tell Ravna is real?
(a) The new boundary.
(b) The Riders' myth.
(c) The Blight on the cargo ship.
(d) His memory of pre-Blight times.

11. Where has Johanna been working?
(a) In the commissary.
(b) In the computer lab.
(c) In the cannon factory.
(d) In the field hospital.

12. Why does OOB not go to Sjandra Kei?
(a) It is hostile to Pham.
(b) It is too far away.
(c) It does not have the necessary materials.
(d) It is hostile to humans and Ravna would be in danger.

13. What does Johanna find upsetting about the Tines' behavior in the wild?
(a) They do not bathe.
(b) They litter.
(c) They destroy trees for no reason.
(d) They kill forest creatures for fun more than necessity.

14. Where does OOB decide to go?
(a) The Repose of Harmony.
(b) Harmonious Repose.
(c) The Harmonious Quintet.
(d) The Planet of Repose.

15. What does Steel worry that Amdijefri will see?
(a) Through his mask.
(b) The way he tortures newborn pups.
(c) The fact that Johanna is alive.
(d) That Steel intends to kill Amdijefri.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?

2. What does Pham do before loosing consciousness?

3. What does Steel plan to do to the rescuers?

4. How does Tyrathect feel when using the new radio outfit?

5. What happens just as Limmende and Skrits are about to order Svensndot to ignore OOB?

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