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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far off is Pham from target?
(a) 5000 klicks.
(b) 20 million klicks.
(c) He is right on.
(d) 100 million klicks.

2. What does Amdijefri find when exploring the dome?
(a) Evidence that Steel is the one who kills Jefri's parents.
(b) A stockpile of food.
(c) A stockpile of weapons.
(d) Tunnels.

3. For what does Jefri send?
(a) Word about his sister.
(b) A machine to wake the children.
(c) A modified acoustic interface for the radio.
(d) A conference with Woodcarver's realm.

4. Why must Pham let Bluestalk fly him to the planet's surface?
(a) So Pham has his hands free to fight.
(b) To demonstrate that he trusts Bluestalk.
(c) The landing boat lacks automation.
(d) So Bluestalk can be first out of the shuttle.

5. What does Johanna find upsetting about the Tines' behavior in the wild?
(a) They kill forest creatures for fun more than necessity.
(b) They destroy trees for no reason.
(c) They do not bathe.
(d) They litter.

6. Who takes over control of the fighting from Scrupilo?
(a) Woodcarver.
(b) Vendacious.
(c) Blacky.
(d) Chitiratte.

7. How does Woodcarver's army lose many members?
(a) Attack from a pack of wolves.
(b) From an overhead attack by a plane.
(c) Dying in an earthquake.
(d) Falling off a precipice.

8. What worries Ravna about Greenstalk and Blueshell?
(a) That she is mistaken about them.
(b) That they carry the Blight's blueprint.
(c) That they are waiting to act until they find the recorder device on Olndot's cargo ship.
(d) That they work from a deep compulsion set on them.

9. Why does Pham order a landing?
(a) He is out of fuel.
(b) He wants to question Jefri.
(c) His shuttle is hit and no longer functional.
(d) He sees Johanna waving.

10. What bothers Woodcarver about Vendacious?
(a) His ability to hide his intentions.
(b) His torture of Johanna.
(c) His execution being quick and merciful.
(d) Keeping him prisoner.

11. What does Pham tell Ravna is real?
(a) The new boundary.
(b) The Blight on the cargo ship.
(c) His memory of pre-Blight times.
(d) The Riders' myth.

12. What does the noise of the cannon do to Woodcarver?
(a) Deafens her.
(b) Sends her into labor.
(c) Frightens her.
(d) Kills her.

13. When are the 152 ships pursuing Pham due?
(a) In ten days.
(b) Never.
(c) In 48 hours.
(d) In three months.

14. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?
(a) Alliance for Blight Removal.
(b) Alliance for Defense.
(c) Alliance of plant fossa.
(d) No one plans to eradicate humans.

15. What do those aboard OOB hope about the Zone storm?
(a) That it will widen the boundaries of the Beyond.
(b) That it will narrow the boundaries of the Slow Zone.
(c) That it will pass in hours.
(d) That it will bypass them altogether.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the gray fungus examine a puppy's brain?

2. When does Pham loosen restrictions on Blueshell?

3. What does Pham do before loosing consciousness?

4. What does Vendacious reveal to Johanna about Jefri?

5. What does Steel plan to do to the rescuers?

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