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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ravna install after her clash with Pham?
(a) A camera in her quarters.
(b) A new replicator.
(c) Suicide programs.
(d) A lock on her quarters.

2. What happens just as Limmende and Skrits are about to order Svensndot to ignore OOB?
(a) The riders preempt the channel and broadcast their position to the Blight.
(b) Communications end.
(c) The Blight withdraws.
(d) The Alliance arrives with more ships.

3. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?
(a) No one plans to eradicate humans.
(b) Alliance for Blight Removal.
(c) Alliance of plant fossa.
(d) Alliance for Defense.

4. What is Steel happy about concerning the radio cloaks?
(a) That they are cheap to make.
(b) That they are beautiful as well as functional.
(c) That they are small enough to concel.
(d) That they are uncomfortable.

5. What is slowing OOB's progress?
(a) The Old One's mind drags them.
(b) A vortex of time parses.
(c) A jump vortex.
(d) A Great Zone Storm.

6. Who sees Johanna trying to attract Pham's attention?
(a) Amdijefri.
(b) Steel.
(c) Ravna.
(d) Shreck.

7. What bothers Woodcarver about Vendacious?
(a) His ability to hide his intentions.
(b) His execution being quick and merciful.
(c) Keeping him prisoner.
(d) His torture of Johanna.

8. What is happening to Woodcarver?
(a) She is evolving to a Power.
(b) She is assassinated.
(c) Her time is running out.
(d) She is strengthened by a Johanna meld.

9. Where does OOB decide to go?
(a) Harmonious Repose.
(b) The Harmonious Quintet.
(c) The Planet of Repose.
(d) The Repose of Harmony.

10. What does Ravna deny to Svendndot?
(a) That OOB belongs to the Alliance or the Blight.
(b) That OOB plans to use the technology on the cargo cruiser they are rescuing.
(c) That the riders on OOB are agents of the Blight.
(d) That OOB is harboring riders.

11. What prompts Pham to agree to contacting Kjet Svendndot?
(a) Blueshell showing Pham there is no way to manipulate the vortex.
(b) Ravna threatens to contact the council.
(c) OOB's ultradrive and automation fail and the workshop catches fire.
(d) Ravna's threat of suicide.

12. What are Riders through their skrodes?
(a) Hidden smart bombs.
(b) It is uncertain.
(c) Virusus.
(d) Powers.

13. How does Pham seem to exist?
(a) In a private dreamworld.
(b) By reminding himself everyday of who he is.
(c) On air.
(d) By tapping into others' memories.

14. With whom has Steel run out of patience?
(a) Vendacious.
(b) Jefri.
(c) Tyrathect,
(d) Woodcarver's army.

15. What does Pham say worked on Canberra?
(a) Bypassing the trial-and-error that normally accompanies development of guns and radios.
(b) An attack on the reservoirs of knowledge.
(c) A virus against the Blight.
(d) A three-pronged attack against the Blight.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tyrathect feel when using the new radio outfit?

2. Who takes over control of the fighting from Scrupilo?

3. What does Pham want to be able to describe?

4. What does Steel order ignited?

5. What does Pham learn that Jefri's parents have done?

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