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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pham order for the Riders?
(a) To be confined to their quarters.
(b) To be deep spaced.
(c) To be put into suspended sleep.
(d) To be subjected to mind meld to learn of their plans.

2. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?
(a) Alliance for Defense.
(b) Alliance of plant fossa.
(c) No one plans to eradicate humans.
(d) Alliance for Blight Removal.

3. How does Woodcarver's army lose many members?
(a) Dying in an earthquake.
(b) Falling off a precipice.
(c) From an overhead attack by a plane.
(d) Attack from a pack of wolves.

4. Who does Steel threaten to kill?
(a) The entire population of the planet.
(b) Vendacious.
(c) His second in command.
(d) Flenser.

5. Who moves in with Johanna?
(a) Samnorsk.
(b) Vendacious.
(c) Scriber.
(d) Woodcarver.

6. What does Ravna believe about Jefri's time frame?
(a) He has less than 100 days to ward off attack.
(b) He will stand trial in less than 60 days.
(c) He will be melded in 100 days and she must get to him before he melds.
(d) He will be executed in 10 days.

7. What are Woodcarver's new pups taking away from her?
(a) Her personality.
(b) Her long view.
(c) Her vitality.
(d) Her mind.

8. What is Steel happy about concerning the radio cloaks?
(a) That they are cheap to make.
(b) That they are small enough to concel.
(c) That they are beautiful as well as functional.
(d) That they are uncomfortable.

9. What does Skinner ask Pham to do?
(a) Land inside the courtyard.
(b) Drop weapons to the waiting troops.
(c) Kill all the invaders.
(d) Wait to land until the invaders have been repealed.

10. With whom has Steel run out of patience?
(a) Jefri.
(b) Tyrathect,
(c) Vendacious.
(d) Woodcarver's army.

11. Why does Pham order a landing?
(a) He sees Johanna waving.
(b) He wants to question Jefri.
(c) His shuttle is hit and no longer functional.
(d) He is out of fuel.

12. What does Amdijefri find when exploring the dome?
(a) A stockpile of weapons.
(b) Tunnels.
(c) Evidence that Steel is the one who kills Jefri's parents.
(d) A stockpile of food.

13. Where has Johanna been working?
(a) In the computer lab.
(b) In the field hospital.
(c) In the cannon factory.
(d) In the commissary.

14. What does Pham say worked on Canberra?
(a) A virus against the Blight.
(b) Bypassing the trial-and-error that normally accompanies development of guns and radios.
(c) An attack on the reservoirs of knowledge.
(d) A three-pronged attack against the Blight.

15. What does Johanna find upsetting about the Tines' behavior in the wild?
(a) They litter.
(b) They kill forest creatures for fun more than necessity.
(c) They do not bathe.
(d) They destroy trees for no reason.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pham have to do to effect a landing?

2. What does Greenstalk explain about the Zones?

3. Why does Pham power up his weapons?

4. To what does Steel have a natural aversion?

5. What is slowing OOB's progress?

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