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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ravna think created the Riders?
(a) The Blight.
(b) She has no idea.
(c) The inhabitants of Earth several billion years ago.
(d) The Old One.

2. What does Pham learn that Jefri's parents have done?
(a) Escaped.
(b) Left Jefri with a means of defeating Woodcarver's country.
(c) Placed a countermeasure to the Blight on the ship.
(d) Left complex instructions for resurrecting the children in sleep.

3. Where does OOB decide to go?
(a) The Planet of Repose.
(b) The Harmonious Quintet.
(c) Harmonious Repose.
(d) The Repose of Harmony.

4. When does Pham loosen restrictions on Blueshell?
(a) When Blueshell passes the lie detector test.
(b) When the pursuers draw closer.
(c) When Blueshell agrees to a meld.
(d) When Blueshell shows Pham how to control the ship.

5. What are Riders through their skrodes?
(a) Virusus.
(b) Hidden smart bombs.
(c) Powers.
(d) It is uncertain.

6. What does Greenstalk say must be repaired soon?
(a) The hyperdrive belts.
(b) The glitch in Pham's memories.
(c) The transponder.
(d) The damaged ultradrive spines.

7. What does the noise of the cannon do to Woodcarver?
(a) Kills her.
(b) Deafens her.
(c) Frightens her.
(d) Sends her into labor.

8. Why does OOB not go to Sjandra Kei?
(a) It is too far away.
(b) It is hostile to Pham.
(c) It is hostile to humans and Ravna would be in danger.
(d) It does not have the necessary materials.

9. Who races to rescue Jefri?
(a) Bluestalk.
(b) Johanna.
(c) Vendacious.
(d) Pham.

10. Where has Johanna been working?
(a) In the commissary.
(b) In the cannon factory.
(c) In the computer lab.
(d) In the field hospital.

11. What does Woodcarver's route do for the march?
(a) Makes it a more direct shot.
(b) Adds agonizing days.
(c) Makes it easier.
(d) Shortens it by 2 weeks.

12. Who prepares to eradicate all humans?
(a) No one plans to eradicate humans.
(b) Alliance for Defense.
(c) Alliance of plant fossa.
(d) Alliance for Blight Removal.

13. Why does Pham power up his weapons?
(a) He is testing them.
(b) He is demonstrating how they work.
(c) He senses an ambush.
(d) He accidentally hits the on button.

14. What does Tyrathect contemplate?
(a) Getting rid of Steel.
(b) Spreading out over the northland.
(c) Giving Steel a new pup.
(d) Melding with Steel.

15. What does Ravna deny to Svendndot?
(a) That the riders on OOB are agents of the Blight.
(b) That OOB plans to use the technology on the cargo cruiser they are rescuing.
(c) That OOB is harboring riders.
(d) That OOB belongs to the Alliance or the Blight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Johanna find upsetting about the Tines' behavior in the wild?

2. What did Jefri's parents warn him to avoid?

3. How does Pham seem to exist?

4. In what is Ravna unwilling to participate?

5. What does Kratzi do?

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