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Zones of Thought - Fundamental to the organization of the Galaxy, these have always existed and are currently moving slightly inward.

Alliance for the Defense - This is a cooperative of five polyspecific empires in the Beyond below Straumli Realm that emerges only after the fall of Relay.

Aniara Fleet - In a human myth older than Nyjora, perhaps dating back to the Tuvo-Norsk cooperatives in the asteroids of Earth's solar system, this is a large ship launched just before the parent civilization's death.

Aprahant Hegemony - Put down 1,000 years before the action of the novel begins after undertaking a land-grabbing jihad, these appear as butterflies.

Earth - The lone surviving planet of a dim, red star, this place is long stripped to its mantle.

Harmonious Repose - Nicknamed Rest in Peace by Pham Nuwen, Myth talks of Fentrollar founding dream habitats and the Old Religion...

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