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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rufus told Pete that the _______ coach had told him that he was too cocky, according to the story.
(a) Baseball.
(b) Basketball.
(c) Football.
(d) Wrestling.

2. Pete's father is openly disappointed about the fact that Pete was ________.
(a) Hurt.
(b) At the revival.
(c) Ignored.
(d) Saved.

3. The revival in town was hot and __________, according to Pete's description.
(a) Messy.
(b) Overcrowded.
(c) Empty.
(d) Boring.

4. _________ feels so joyful and he prays that things will never change, according to the book.
(a) Walt.
(b) Preacher Man.
(c) Pete's mom.
(d) Pete.

5. What does Rufus say that Pete looks like after having met the Preacher Man?
(a) Lost.
(b) Mean.
(c) Dopey.
(d) Silly.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Preacher Man gets up in front of the church to call for _________.

2. By _________ grade, the narrator considered himself to be very religious.

3. What happens after Pete's parents go back inside the house?

4. _________ did not come easy to the Preacher Man, according to his own admission, which surprises Pete.

5. Walt tells Pete that it isn't Pete's job to save ____________, according to the book.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pete feel about the man that comes into town, according to the story?

2. What happened, according to Pete, to the congregation when the service was over with the Preacher Man?

3. What happened to Pete the more that he listened to the Preacher Man talk?

4. What is the warning that the Preacher Man gives to Pete about Rufus in his life?

5. What does Pete feel about going to church the next night, after seeing his father's reaction to the news of being saved?

6. What happened when the Preacher Man takes Pete's hand after the service?

7. What has been kept in the drawer since the beginning of seventh grade, according to the story?

8. What was Pete doing in the drugstore when he didn't want the Preacher Man to see him?

9. What did Pete learn at a young age, at about age six or seven, according to the story?

10. What happens when Rufus asks the Preacher Man if he has saved Pete, according to the story?

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