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Fine White Dust

This item, referenced in the title, came from Pete's ceramic cross that was broken into pieces when he kicked it in a fit of anger.

North Carolina

Pete Cassidy and his parents lived in a small town in this state.

Baptist Church

This was the biggest church in the small North Carolina town where the story takes place.

Revival Week

Pete met the Preacher Man when his church was having this event.

Filling Station

Preacher Man and Pete had plans to meet at the this place at 9:30 the night they were going to leave town together. When the Preacher had not shown up by one o'clock, Pete went home.

Drugstore Fountain

Darlene Cook worked at the this store. She met the Preacher Man there and ran away with him after revival week.

Duffel Bag

Pete packed up this item when he was going to run...

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