A Fine White Dust Character Descriptions

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Pete Cassidy

This character is an only child who lives with his parents in a small town in North Carolina.

Preacher Man

This character comes to the small North Carolina town. He has been recruited to sermonize at the Baptist church.


This character is a classmate of the main character. They are best friends but they are polar opposites in beliefs. He is an avowed atheist.

Mrs. Cassidy

Although this character doesn't attend church regularly, another character spots her one night during revival week.

Walter Cassidy

This character works for the local telephone company and has hopes that his bright son will become a doctor.

Darlene Cook

This character works at the drugstore fountain.

Woodrow Radford

This character is the assistant pastor of the Baptist Church.

Joanie Fulton

This character is the organist at the Baptist Church.

Billy Winfred

The main character threw up all over this...

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